MJBizCon Fall 2017 Agenda At-A-Glance

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MONDAY, November 13, 2017: PRE-CONFERENCE
1:00-6:00pm Registration & Badge Pick-up
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TUESDAY, November 14, 2017: PRE-CONFERENCE Registration & Badge Pick-up 8-6
10:00am-5:00pm Marijuana Business Crash Course
networking lunch included
(ticketed separately)
The Business of Hemp Forum
networking lunch included
(ticketed separately)
Science Symposium
networking lunch included
(ticketed separately)
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WEDNESDAY, November 15, 2017: CONFERENCE DAY 1 Registration & Badge Pick-up 8-7
9:00-9:45am Industry Insights: Data, Trends & Forecast
Speaker: Chris Walsh
9:45-10:45am Big Thinking: Innovation & Success Strategies from Amazon, Apple and Tesla
Speaker: George Blankenship
10:45-11:15am Opportunity & Irrational Exuberance: What the Cannabis Industry Can Learn From the Dot-Com Boom and Bust
Speaker: Jeanne Sullivan
Expo Hall Open
11:15am-12:00pm From Nixon to Trump: Marijuana and the Presidency
Speaker: Kenneth T. Walsh
12:00-12:45pm Networking Lunch
12:45-2:00pm Minorities in Cannabis Luncheon(ticketed separately) Investors’ Luncheon(ticketed separately)
5:00-7:00pm #MJBizCon Mixer: The Official After-Party of MJBizCon
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THURSDAY, November 16, 2017: CONFERENCE DAY 2 Registration & Badge Pick-up 8-6
9:30am-12:20pm Cultivation Sessions Retail Sessions Infused Product Sessions Expo Hall Open

Networking Lunch
9:30-10:20am Applying Big Ag Techniques to Cannabis Cultivation
Speaker: Dan Gustafik
Packaging Considerations: Choosing the Right Materials & Machinery
Speakers: Keren Sookne, Jim Chrzan
Separate Yourself from the Pack: Standing Out in a Crowded Infused Market
Speaker: Kyle Marshall
10:30-11:20am Staying Small & Competing in the Age of Big Grows
Speakers: Matt Sampson, Brooke Sinclair, Siobhan D. Darwish, Amy Andrle
Retail Tutorial: Boosting Dispensary Revenues Through Patient & Physician Education
Speaker: Chanda Macias
Different Strokes: 3 Perspectives on Ensuring Consistency in Infused Products
Speakers: Christine Smith, Nadeem Al-Hasan, Mindy Segal, Julie Berliner
11:30am-12:20pm Maximizing Production in Your Cultivation Facility
Speaker: Sam Thoman
Retail Data Download: Stats, Trends & Analysis
Speakers: Chris Mitchem, Bryan Hill, Eli McVey, Pete Kadens
Microdosing for the Medical Market: Why, Who and How
Speaker: Jordan Tishler
9:30am-12:20pm Industry Insights Sessions Investing & Funding Sessions Canada Sessions
9:30-10:20am How to Develop a National Company in a State-Regulated Industry
Speaker: Pete Kadens
Tutorial: Understanding & Developing Cannabis Valuations
Speaker: Sumit Mehta
Canada Rec Update: Regulations, Timeline & Considerations
Speaker: Matt Maurer
10:30-11:20am Building a Profitable and Sustainable Cannabis Empire
Speaker: Nic Easley
Fundraising Secrets from a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
Speaker: Ben Curren
Deep Dive: Market Data and Projections for Canada’s Marijuana Industry
11:30am-12:20pm The Current Landscape: Investing Trends
Speakers: Chris Leavy, Justin Braune, Steve Schuman, Lisa Thomas
Canada and the U.S.: Cross-Border Partnerships, Investments & Opportunities
Speakers: Jennifer Sanders, Wendy Hulton, Louis Barre
12:00-2:00pm Networking Lunch
12:45-2:00pm Women in Cannabis Luncheon(ticketed separately)
1:00-3:50pm Cannabis Business 101 Sessions Industry Insights Sessions
1:00-1:50pm From License to Launch: Infused Products
Speaker: Lynn Honderd
Getting to the Promised Land: Exit Strategies for Your Cannabis Business
Speaker: Darren Weiss
2:00-2:50pm From License to Launch: Retail
Speaker: Aubrey Belisle
In the Know: Cannabis Science, Research & Testing Update
Speaker: Josh Crossney
3:00-3:50pm From License to Launch: Cultivation
Speaker: Shon Williams
The Art of Closing a Deal: Selling to Retailers & Infused Companies
Speakers: Mali Sanati, Jenna Butterfield
3:50-6:00pm Networking in Expo Hall
FRIDAY, November 17, 2017: CONFERENCE DAY 3 Registration & Badge Pick-up 8-3
9:30am-12:20pm Cultivation Sessions Retail Sessions Extraction Sessions Expo Hall Open

Networking Lunch
9:30-10:20am Cultivation Tutorial: Understanding Nutrients
Speaker: Wendy Taheri
Operating Dispensaries in Multiple States: Market Differences, Challenges & Lessons Learned
Speaker: Nicholas Vita
Scaling Your Extraction Business: Costs, Processes & Technology
Speakers: Andy Joseph, Ron Gershoni
10:30-11:20am Cultivation Deep Dive: Economic Impact of Light Intensity on Yield and Secondary Metabolites
Speakers: Allison Hope Justice, Josh Gerovac
Retail Tutorial: Training Your Staff for Success
Speaker: Nichole West
Advanced Extraction: Technologies, Techniques & Innovation
Speakers: Jim Makoso, Ryan Abernathy, Kelsey Hine-Ramsberger, AC Braddock
11:30am-12:20pm Cultivation Data Download: Stats, Trends & Analysis
Speakers: Priscilla Vilchis, Laura Rivero, Jonathan Rubin, Brendan Hershey, Eli McVey
Capturing & Connecting with Customers: Strategic Social Media Tutorial
Speaker: Natalie Cupps DiBlasi
Extraction Deep Dive: Supercritical Carbon Dioxide & Product Pipelines
Speaker: Mark June-Wells
9:30am-12:20pm Taxes & Legal Sessions Industry Insights Sessions Canada & International Sessions
9:30-10:20am Law & Order: Legal Update & Trends
Speakers: Adam S. Fayne, Henry Wykowski, Alyssa B. Samuel
Tapping the New $4B California Market
Speakers: Morgan Paxhia, An-Chi Tsou, Amanda Reiman, Graciela Castillo-Krings
A Look Ahead: The Future of Medical Marijuana in Canada
Speaker: Bruce Linton
10:30-11:20am Tutorial: Advanced Strategies for Dealing with 280E
Speaker: Dean Guske
Exclusive Research Results: Types of Cannabis Consumers & How to Effectively Target Them
Speaker: Ana Hory
Investing Overseas: Insights, Opportunities & Considerations
Speakers: Inbar Maymom Pomeranchik, Paul Rosen, Vahan Ajamian
11:30am-12:20pm Deep Dive: Regulations and Compliance Tips & Tactics
Speakers: Robert Morgan, Emily Leongini
What’s New in Washington DC: Federal Policy Update
Speakers: Congresswoman Dina Titus, Michael Liszewski, Michael Correia
Movin’ on Up: Global Expansion & Hottest International Markets
Speakers: Jennifer Hanser, Michael Gorenstein, Alfredo Pascual, Saul Kaye
12:00-2:00pm Networking Lunch
2:00-4:00pm Networking in Expo Hall