Conference News

Maximizing Conference Sessions

Conferences are packed with expert programming that can help you improve your business. Follow these useful tips to get the most out of the sessions you attend.

Choose the Right Sessions
When choosing a session to attend, make sure it serves one of two purposes: is it immediately applicable to your current business needs, and/or does it allow you to be there to connect with a person who is presenting? While a session that deals with something entertaining might …

Maximizing the Expo Hall Experience

Conferences are an exemplary form of controlled chaos. They can feel overwhelming to first timers and veterans alike. Follow these easy steps to make the best use of your time at any show.

Have a Plan
Schedule, schedule, schedule. Most conferences post an agenda ahead of time. Use it to identify who you want to speak with and what sessions you want to attend. Then, plan your time in between educational experiences. Expo floors are busy places, and simply wandering for hours is …

Learn to use networking to your advantage

While successful networking isn’t an exact science, following these tips can go a long way towards making the right connections at any business conference.

Bring Business Cards
It may sound like a no-brainer, but it cannot be stressed enough. No one has the mental capacity to remember everyone they’ve met at a conference. Your business card is an important point of reference.

Quality, Not Quantity
Focus on establishing a few high-potential relationships rather than meeting as many people …

Choosing the Right Conference

In the exploding marijuana industry, there has been a related explosion of events in the past 18 months. However, not all events are created equal. So how do you choose the best one(s) for you? These six questions can help you decide.

Use Conferences to Drive Your Success

Business gets done by people, not companies. Bringing the brightest minds, rising stars and serial entrepreneurs to a single location drives commerce. In short, face-to-face events are where more business gets done than anywhere else.

As more states adopt cannabis legalization, thousands of new professionals join our industry the value of the business conference and trade shows are more important than ever before.