David Henn

David is the founder and CEO of Cannamedical. He is a key driver of the Company’s growth, on-going vision and structuring. David’s primary focus has been to generate strategic partnerships around the globe, executing growth opportunities and fund raising. He is responsible for overseeing all general management for the organization, advancing corporate market strategy, regulatory […]

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Robert Cookson

Robert Cookson is a London-based Senior consultant in the legal cannabis industry at Hanway Associates. He advises companies on how to enter and build their businesses in the nascent but rapidly-growing European market. His work includes regulatory forecasting, competitive analysis and market sizing. Previously, worked as a journalist at the Financial Times in London and […]

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Antonio Costanzo

Antonio Costanzo is an experienced senior executive with a successful track record in public and private companies and in innovative, complex and highly regulated industries. He is the co-founder and CEO of EMMAC, a company that brings together scientific research with innovations in medical cannabis cultivation, extraction, and production. Before co-founding EMMAC, he was instrumental […]

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Christian Carlsen

Christian is the creator and leader of a cannabis business division at NNE (Novo Nordisk Engineering) A/S who help medical cannabis investors and operators across the world from investment to fully operational and GMP certified operation. Christian has previously been working for a broad range of global pharma companies and has a long track record of […]

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Brian Mertz

Brian is an experienced investor and entrepreneur with extensive C-Suite level experience. He has been involved in the cannabis space since 2015 and founded Medican A/S in 2017. Medican is a licensed pharmaceutical cannabis company based in Denmark with the goal of providing patients throughout the world with medical grade cannabis. Prior to this, Brian […]

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Andrew De Roy

With over ten years of experience in the commercial intelligence and investigations field, Andrew de Roy is regarded as one of the foremost specialists in the CEE region. Prior to founding Bearstone, Andrew was employed by the Financial Times Group, as the Mergermarket bureau chief in Poland. A leading provider of M&A intelligence and market […]

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Benedikt Sons

Benedikt is CEO and co-founder of Cansativa, a GMP- and GDP-certified pharmaceutical and medical cannabis import and distribution company. Prior to co-founding Cansativa, Benedikt worked in the field of strategy consulting within pharma and automotive industry. He led several teams in the fields of sourcing and procurement strategy, value engineering, supply chain optimization and cost-down […]

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Linus Maximilian Weber

Linus Maximilian Weber is an experienced Business Consultant, Founder and CEO in the health care industry at Nimbus Health. He is a certified Project Management Consultant and GDP Responsible for the pharmaceutical distribution business.  The focus of Nimbus Health is to improve the well being of patients by giving consistent and standardized access to alternative […]

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Narbe Alexandrian

Narbé Alexandrian is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Canopy Rivers Inc., a venture capital firm specializing in cannabis. He also currently serves as a board member for the National Cannabis Industry Association. Prior to joining Canopy Rivers, Narbé was a Senior Associate at OMERS Ventures, a technology venture capital funds in Canada. Prior […]

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Learning from the Tech Boom

In this session, the audience will hear from a successful entrepreneur from a mainstream industry that understands the ebbs and flows of a new field and how to adjust accordingly.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  How to create a flexible business that can adapt to abrupt market changes  What to do when capital dries up and prepare for the inevitable  […]

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Beyond CBD: Opportunities in Industrial Hemp

As the Novel Foods Directive adds a layer of complexity to the CBD and hemp-derived foods market, it lays open the opportunities available for industrial hemp products including fibers, bioplastics, biofuel, and more. In this session, you will gain insights on: –       Market potential for industrial hemp products –       Regulations to contend with when producing hemp –       Practical […]

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Action Items: Writing Your Novel Food Designation Application

In November of 2019, German authorities ruled that CBD cannot be marketed or sold without additional research in EU countries. Though arguments could be made about whether hemp should be considered a novel food, this session will examine the steps toward gaining the Novel Foods Designation.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  What you need to prepare for your Novel Foods Designation application  […]

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Deep Dive: The Hemp Powerhouses

Low-THC cannabis varieties have long been legal in Europe, but global hemp demand is bringing new market opportunities at home and abroad. From a CBD boom in the UK to a thriving market for smokable hemp flower in Switzerland and Italy, find out where hemp products are selling best and how your company can capitalize […]

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Steps to Raising Capital

Although most European venture capitalists are still in a “wait-and-see” mode for the industry, now is the time to establish your brand and raise capital from inside and outside the Union.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  How the current situation in North America affects raising capital in Europe  Whether you should focus on raising money […]

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Investing Beyond Borders

As investments pour into Europe from abroad, where are European investors sending their money? This session will explore the possibilities of investing in North American companies and what red flags should they look for.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), UK’s principal anti money-laundering legislation  The role of family offices  How to repatriate your earnings from […]

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