Steve Moore

Steve serves as Strategic Counsel for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis in the UK. He is also the founder and Director of Volteface with 25 years experience of working in social change and political campaigns. He directed the campaign with Charlotte Caldwell to reform policy relating to the access of medicinal cannabis. Steve was formerly Chief Executive […]

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Andrés Vázquez Vargas

Andrés is the Executive Director of ACM Peru, where he leverages years of international experience in various sectors including foreign trade, logistics, and agro-industry. Andrés also serves as the President of the Services Sector at Comsalud. He has previously worked as General Manager of Bomi Peru and the General Director of Talma Mexico. […]

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William Muecke

William co-founded Artemis Growth Partners, a private-equity firm dedicated to investing in the global cannabis industry. Prior to founding Artemis Growth, William served as the global co-head of health care services investment banking at Goldman Sachs. He also co-founded CoreCo, a private-equity firm dedicated to growth equity investments in Central America. […]

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Mads Ulrik Pedersen

Mads is overseeing the Danish firm’s conversion of existing greenhouses for cannabis cultivation and medicinal production, while preparing for expansion to a much larger independent facility. He also is owner and CEO of Alfred Pedersen & Søn, a family-owned greenhouse that specializes in organic crops. […]

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Nathaniel Loxley

Nathaniel founded Vitality Hemp in 2014, a UK-based company that grows and processes industrial hemp from soil to end product. Nathaniel also co-founded the British Hemp Association in 2018, which was formed to help promote a healthy and robust hemp industry in Britain. Prior to this, Nathaniel worked in Financial Crime Risk within the banking […]

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Steven Looi

Steven serves as the Director of Strategy and Origination for White Sheep Corp., a Canadian commercial operator and investor in global cannabis assets. In this position, Steven plays a vital role in strategic planning, deal origination, business development and due diligence for White Sheep Corp. Prior to this, Steven used his creativity and innovation to […]

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Farzad Jahanshahi

Farzad serves as the CEO of Medican A/S, a licensed pharmaceutical cannabis company headquartered in Denmark. Farzad has years of experience in developing and implementing marketing strategies, product launches, and business development. Prior to joining Medican, Farzad spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry and held roles with Novo Nordisk, Hoffmann- La Roche, Orion Pharma […]

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Everett Knight

In his role with the British Columbia-based extraction company, Everett oversees corporate strategy such as mergers and acquisitions, marketing and investor relations. Before he joined Valens, Everett was a portfolio manager at Matco Financial, where he launched the firm’s Cannabis Investment Fund and managed its Small Cap Class. […]

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Vasilios Kokkalis

Vasilios is a key player in a government that has fast-tracked legalized medical marijuana in Greece and made the country’s nascent industry a prime target of international investors seeking to fund the construction of greenhouses for growing and manufacturing MMJ. He has headed the Ministry of Rural Development & Food since 2016 and has been […]

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Jakob Sons

Jakob serves as the co-founder and co-managing director of Cansativa, a medical cannabis and distribution company located in Frankfurt, Germany. As a licensed attorney in Germany, Jakob is also the company’s head of legal and handles all regulatory affairs. Prior to co-founding Cansativa, Jakob worked in the field of corporate law and litigation. […]

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Fred Roeder

In his role with the Washington DC-based consumer-empowerment firm, Fred analyzes how disruptive industries and technologies offer customers more choices at lower costs. He previously worked as a health economist in Germany and also has been involved in health-care reform and market access in North America, Europe and several former Soviet republics. […]

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Eveline Van Keymeulen

Eveline focuses on European Union regulatory law in the life sciences sector and, as founder of the Allen & Overy law firm’s Cannabis Initiative, is a recognized specialist in EU and national regulations related to marijuana and hemp-based products. Eveline also serves as editor-in-chief of Allen & Overy’s blog, Life Sciences Hub, and the firm’s […]

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Ellen Trane Nørby

Ellen has been a member of Parliament for the Danish Liberal Party since 2007. She has served as the Minister of Health since November 2016. Previously, she served as the Minister of Children, Education & Gender Equality. Ellen also has served as her party’s political spokesperson for several years. […]

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João Taborda da Gama

João is a founding partner at Gama Glória. As a lawyer and policy advisor, he has been focused on disruptive and innovative business models in the technology and health care sectors, including cannabis. João has more than 18 years of experience advising corporations and government in tax and regulatory law. João also serves as director […]

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Hendrik Knopp

Hendrik currently is working with CC Pharma GmbH, recently acquired by Aprhia, to “create a new division of CC Pharma dedicated to medical cannabis.” Before joining Aphria, Hendrick was a lawyer in the gaming and automotive industries, which, like cannabis, are highly regulated. He also served as the director of poker marketing and marketing development […]

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Blair Gibbs

Blair serves as policy for the UK-based Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. In this role, Blair helps to connect more mature international cannabis markets with the new medicinal regime emerging in the UK. Blair is also a policy consultant and government-relations advisor who has worked with a range of companies in the legal cannabis sector in […]

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