Dia Simms

An award-winning entrepreneur, Dia Simms’ latest venture, BRN Group, is a New York-based cannabis tech company that focuses on building and managing brands in the cannabis industry. She brings to the cannabis space a track record of driving sales, maximizing revenues and leading high-performance teams. Dia’s rise began in 2005, when musician/entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs […]

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Judy Daniels

Dr. Judy Daniels is the Founder, Soil Scientist and Geospatial Ecologist at Soil Sage. Her current work and scientific projects include cannabis research and regenerative agriculture. She has been a professional environmental scientist since 1999, since receiving her degrees in Biology and Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.  Her areas of expertise are land use […]

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Andrew Livingston

Andrew Livingston serves a unique role as an economist, business analyst, and general cannabis policy work in Vicente Sederberg’s Denver office. As Director of Economics and Research, Andrew helps clients develop and expand their enterprise across cannabis markets nationally and internationally. Marijuana and hemp-focused businesses depend on Andrew’s services to navigate regulatory intricacies influencing market […]

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Minor Cannabinoids, Major Profits

More diamonds within the green flower?  That is what many hemp farmers and operators are saying when it comes to some of the other not-so-hyped cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBD-V and others.  Farmers are looking to these minor cannabinoids, with less restrictions and risk, to make major profits. In this session you will learn: – What are these minor cannabinoids in relation to CBD and […]

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Invest in Inclusion

The good news: Governments small and large now acknowledge the devastation caused by Drug-War-era prohibitions on communities of color, and they’re looking to cannabis to help bring new business opportunity to those communities. The better news:  Cannabis businesses are finding that investing in social equity and inclusion brings enhanced profits and makes good business sense. […]

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From Illegal to Essential: The New Cultural, Regulatory and Economic Factors Influencing the Marijuana and Hemp Market

This session will look at the cultural, regulatory and economic factors influencing the hemp and cannabis markets along with the shift from “first movers” to “empire builders” and what that means for both industries. Andrew Livingston, director of economics and research at the law firm Vicente Sederberg, has been providing analysis on legal and regulatory […]

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Intelligent Growth: Using AI to Optimize Your Hemp Operations

Commodity farmers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to gather data about field crops for years. That data helps them make better production and management decisions and create consistency.  Today, we are seeing this same technology start to enter the world of hemp to optimize overall operations.   In this session, you’ll learn:   – How AI can benefit […]

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Keynote: Think Bigger

“Now is the time for a revolution in the cannabis industry.  We’re here to inspire brands to think bigger while helping expand the diversity of products, people and thinking in the industry” – Dia Simms In this session, award-winning entrepreneur Dia Simms – who has worked closely with musician/businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs – will  talk about how the hemp and marijuana companies need to “Think […]

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Increasing Yields: Advancements in Extraction Practices

With testing protocols still looming from the FDA, your extraction practices are something to keep in mind.  The technology around extraction is becoming more sophisticated as the industry advances and the popularity of cannabinoids beyond CBD grows.   In this session you will learn:   – The newest technology and processes in hemp extraction  – What will work best for your business  – How do processes differ when extracting cannabinoids beyond CBD  […]

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