Beyond the Flower: Finding Market Opportunities in Hemp Fiber

The smallest sector of the U.S. hemp economy is also the most promising: fiber. Hemp activists know how the plant can revolutionize global manufacturing and contribute to a cleaner planet. But how can U.S. hemp entrepreneurs compete with Chinese hemp-fiber producers who ignore environmental considerations and exploit cheap labor? In this session, you’ll hear strategies […]

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CBD: Fad or Forever

What does the lifeline of the CBD craze look like? A market researcher and a natural products expert will lead a discussion on how the rush to market for CBD products measures up to past nutraceutical crazes. They also will examine how different factors will influence the staying power of CBD and hemp extracts. You’ll […]

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Hemp on the Table/CBD Shelf Shuffle

So, you’ve got a hemp product consumers love. How do you get it on more shelves in the face of crushing competition and confusing labeling rules? In this session, you’ll hear from a thriving natural-products entrepreneur and a food-industry consultant about strategies that will get your product beyond the internet and onto shelves in conventional […]

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Consumer Safety and Confidence

Why is it important to self-regulate your business? An expert on regulatory and government affairs will discuss voluntary hemp industry standards intended to ensure consumer safety. She also will provide an overview of the regulations that pertain to your business. You’ll gain insights on: How self-regulation including strict recordkeeping will keep your business ahead of […]

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Surviving Oversupply

“Farmers in the United States are so productive, they could crash this market before it gets off the ground.” That’s the take on hemp from U.S. Department of Agriculture chief Sonny Perdue. It’s no secret that hemp production is booming, so what does your business need to do to thrive amid the crush? In this session, you’ll […]

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Going Global

Hemp is a unique plant and its strength lies in the diversity of its applications. A Canadian hemp industry expert will offer a comprehensive understanding of the hemp industry’s evolution around the world. He also will share production, processing and sales projections in hemp and what factors may contribute to success or failure. You’ll get […]

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Farm Bill Benefits: Newly Available Tax & Financial Tools For Hemp Businesses

Most tax breaks common to other industries are now available to hemp businesses. However, there are several specialized areas many accountants are unaware of. A tax guru who works with cannabis and hemp businesses will discuss specialized tools and strategies to maximize profit. You’ll get insights on: How to benefit from the R&D tax credit, […]

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Strength in Numbers: Finding the Right Strategic Partner(s) for Your Business

Finding the right strategic partner is essential. The wrong choice can sink your business. Cannabis industry experts will discuss strategies for evaluating potential business partners and how to ensure your objectives and values align for optimum growth and profitability. You’ll get insights on: Useful resources when researching companies and their executive teams. Determining which opportunities […]

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Gene Blues

Genetics play a big role in a successful hemp farming plan. So, what does a farmer need to know to understand the hemp genetics landscape? In this session, you’ll hear from a hemp pioneer who has consulted on hemp genetics and seed supply across the globe. You’ll get insights on: Making sense of seed and […]

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Raising Money in the Hemp Industry

The hemp industry has an influx of aspiring entrepreneurs with ideas and projects waiting for funding to get started. The president of a multistate vertically integrated cannabis business will share tips for success that have worked in other industries. You’ll get insights on: Business must-haves for attracting capital. Pitfalls to avoid that commonly scare off […]

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Investing in Hemp

Countless investment opportunities exist in the growing hemp market. But it’s tough to identify the most promising ones. A cannabis investment expert will share tips and techniques for how to incorporate hemp into a successful portfolio. You’ll get insights on: Sector-specific opportunities to consider in the four main business avenues of the hemp industry: automotive, […]

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Joy Beckerman

Joy has been involved with hemp for more than 25 years as an educator, public speaker and grassroots activist who works directly with legislators and regulators, both proactively and upon request. In addition to her duties with Elixinol, she is president of the Hemp Industries Association and vice president of the U.S. Hemp Authority. […]

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Adrienne Snow

Adrienne is an entrepreneur who has put her stamp on the Silver State by developing the business framework for a number of cutting-edge industries. From textile design and manufacturing to cow/calf beef operations, she’s no stranger to laying the tracks as an industry pioneer. Her work has been acknowledged by a myriad of publications including Nevada […]

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Kristen Nichols

Kristen is a Denver-based reporter for Marijuana Business Daily specializing in the hemp and CBD industries. Previously, she worked at the Associated Press for nearly 20 years. She started covering the marijuana legalization movement in 2009 – when medical stores started popping up around Denver – and wrote about the state’s first legal hemp harvest. […]

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