The Future of Science & Research

The science of marijuana is still a very young field, leaving today’s cannabis researchers with a wide range of questions to explore about marijuana’s effects and applications. For businesses, that means needing to know what cannabis researchers are trying to study, where cannabis research is going, and what commercial possibilities this research holds. Experts from […]

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Lilac Mandeles

After spending years as a business development and marketing executive in the pharmaceutical sector for firms such as Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Co. and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Lilac moved into the cannabis tech space. Her current firm, TechForCann based in Tel Aviv, specializes in the adaptation of innovative technologies in the cannabis industry. […]

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Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa is a pioneering cannabis lawyer who has been providing legal counsel and representation to members of California’s cannabis industry since 1998. He founded the Law Offices of Omar Figueroa in San Francisco in 1998, and has more than two decades of experience practicing cannabis law in the Golden State. The Law Offices of Omar […]

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Brendan Kennedy

As CEO of Tilray – a global leader in medical cannabis research, production and distribution – Brendan is responsible for charting the company’s international expansion outside Canada. He has successfully led the development of new and existing companies, built teams, crafted products and guided operations with sales now in ten countries on five continents. Brendan […]

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Kristin Nevedal

In addition to her role with the International Cannabis Farmers Association, Kristin is principal at The Nevedal Group, a small consulting firm that specializes in compliance support for seasonal growers and the development of sustainable and regenerative educational programs. Kristin also is chair of the American Herbal Products Association’s Cannabis Committee cultivation group, where she […]

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Derek Peterson

Derek founded Terra Tech in 2012. The publicly traded, vertically integrated, cannabis-focused agriculture company has created brands in both cannabis and traditional agriculture industries through multiple subsidiaries. In his role, Derek has worked extensively with government agencies, tax authorities and the SEC. Previously, Derek had a career in finance, including executive roles at Wachovia Securities […]

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Bruce Linton

Under Bruce’s guidance, Canopy Growth has become one of Canada’s largest medical marijuana companies as well as the first plant-touching firm to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Since founding Canopy, he has led 11 capital raises totaling more than $1.2 billion and overseen M&A deals valued at $950 million. Bruce’s corporate strategy has […]

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Jennifer M. Sanders

Jennifer founded CNS Equity Partners, a boutique private equity launched in 2015 to acquire and manage assets in the holistic health and alternative agriculture industries. She specializes in international cannabis and hemp investment regulatory compliance and enterprise risk management. Jennifer has 15 years of leadership experience and is a board member of The Green Heart […]

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Dr. Sue Sisley

Sue is an Arizona-based physician practicing internal medicine and psychiatry. In her role at Scottsdale Research Institute, she conducts controlled trials of smoked/vaporized cannabis flower including work with combat veterans with treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder. She is on faculty at Colorado State University and Humboldt State University, and she is a senior fellow at Thomas Jefferson […]

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Troy Dayton

Troy co-founded cannabis investment and research firm The Arcview Group in 2010. Arcview created the Arcview Investor Network, where more than 1,200 high net-worth investors have pumped more than $180 million into nearly 200 cannabis-related ventures and raised more than $3 million for the legalization effort. Arcview co-founded Cannasure Insurance Services in 2011 and launched Canopy, […]

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