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What to Watch for: Cannabis Investing in Europe

In this modern gold rush, everyone wants a piece of the action. However, in a fractured system like the European market, there’s some things to check before investing.   In this session, you will gain insights on:  The safest verticals for investment and which are the high risk/high reward investments  How to vet your investments before you write the check  […]

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Steps to Raising Capital

Although most European venture capitalists are still in a “wait-and-see” mode for the industry, now is the time to establish your brand and raise capital from inside and outside the Union.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  How the current situation in North America affects raising capital in Europe  Whether you should focus on raising money […]

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Investing Beyond Borders

As investments pour into Europe from abroad, where are European investors sending their money? This session will explore the possibilities of investing in North American companies and what red flags should they look for.  In this session, you will gain insights on:  Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), UK’s principal anti money-laundering legislation  The role of family offices  How to repatriate your earnings from […]

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