How do I access the On-Demand content?

To access the On-Demand content, simply click the link in your registration confirmation email that takes you to your personal Registration Dashboard. You will then see a button that says “Click Here to Access Event”.

If you get logged out for any reason, you can always refer back to your registration email for the best ways to re-access the event. To find it easily, search for the subject line “Your UPDATED Confirmation Email for MJBizConNEXT Direct / Hemp Industry Daily Conference Direct”

If you need your confirmation email re-sent or if you have any questions, contact our Customer Experience team at [email protected] or 720.213.5992 ext 1.


Are there any computer system requirements to be able to attend and interact with other attendees at the event?

Click here for computer requirements and tips.

Click here to do a system check.

What can I expect at a virtual event?

MJBizDaily Direct conferences are an all-new style of event delivering the information, collaboration, exploration, and networking your business needs to succeed, all in a unique online virtual environment.  Create your own unique experience moving between theaters, exhibition halls, and networking areas to get all the insights and make all the connections you need to enable your business to thrive.

  • Virtual Themed Expo Halls
  • Live & On-Demand Sessions
  • Many Connections To Be Made

Can I purchase a list of attendees?

Neither Marijuana Business Daily nor this site’s publisher, Anne Holland Ventures Inc., will ever sell or give a third party your email address without your express consent.

How can my business partner with MJBizCon?

Click here for information on how to partner with MJBizCon.

How can I apply for a press pass?

To apply for a press pass, please click here.

How did MJBizCon get started?

Back when MJBizDaily first launched, there was no national trade show for cannabis. Our editors felt the industry needed a way to come together as a business community, hear about the latest advances and network in person. So, in 2012, we made history by launching MJBizCon, the industry’s very first national trade show.

What is MJBizDaily?

As the leading business news information resource for the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry, Marijuana Business Daily’s editors and reporters bring retailers, professional cultivators, infused product makers, ancillary service providers and finance professionals the information and networking they need to flourish within the cannabis industry.

Can I buy a one-day pass?

Registrations include all 3 days of the conference. One-day passes are not available to purchase.

How can I modify my registration?

To make modifications to your registration, first, log in to your registration dashboard. Once you’re logged into your dashboard, go to the tab for “Registration Information” and click “Edit Information.” You can also upload a photo on that page for your virtual profile.


If you need to change your name or email address on your registration, please contact our Customer Experience team directly at [email protected] or 720-213-5992 x1

Can I transfer my registration to a different show?

Registrations cannot be transferred from one show to another.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries regarding your registration, please reach out to Customer Experience at [email protected] or 720-213-5992 x1

What types of registrations do you offer?

The types of registrations available can vary by conference. For our virtual conferences, there is only one registration type that includes access to the full virtual conference.

How long do I have access to the content from the sessions?

For our virtual events, you can access all sessions On-Demand almost immediately after the session is over and up to 6 months after the conference by using your login credentials.

Where can I get an invoice for my registration?

Immediately after purchase, you should receive an official confirmation email which includes a copy of your receipt.

If you need a formalized invoice, please reach out to Customer Experience at [email protected] or by phone at 720-213-5992 x1.

How can I exhibit at a virtual event?

Contact our Sales Team directly at [email protected] or call 720-213-5992 x2.

How do I access my virtual booth space?

You will receive your exhibitor log in information directly from [email protected] or [email protected]. If you need your information resent, reach out to [email protected] to have your virtual booth log in sent to you.

As an exhibitor, do we get access to lead retrieval for the virtual event?

All exhibiting companies will receive a list of registered attendees who have opted-in to share their information after the event has ended.

How many exhibitors user passes do I get?

Each exhibitor receives four (4) user login’s to staff the virtual booth during active showtimes.  Exhibitors have access to session content and networking during the live event and on-demand.

In addition, each exhibiting company can up to 99 booth staff that will have access to networking with attendees within their own booth. (These passes will not include access to the rest of the virtual expo hall or the conference sessions.)


Can I repurpose presentation content from another event I recently spoke at?

We require speakers to present fresh material, not simply recycle presentations they’ve given in the past. Your speaker submission should reflect this requirement.

I am a confirmed speaker; how can I register? How do I register a guest?

Our team will register you and send your confirmation email to the address we have on file for you. Each speaker will receive a unique discount code that they can distribute to whomever. They are able to use the code to take $25 off while registering on our website here.

I am a confirmed speaker. Can I pre-record my presentation for the virtual event?

No, all sessions are live unless the Conference Contact Programmer specifically invited you to pre-record your session.  This would be in the speaker agreement you signed upon accepting your speaking invitation.

As a speaker, do I have access to the other sessions, networking events and exhibit hall?

Yes, your registration will give you access to all of the benefits of the event.

I know someone at MJBizDaily, can I email them to be considered as a speaker?

Everyone must fill out a speaker submission form for each event they are interested in speaking at. You can, however, submit a session/topic idea that you’ve submitted in the past.

If I missed the submission deadline, can I still be considered as a speaker?

We have a defined deadline to submit for each conference to ensure smooth processes on our end and so we can consolidate the speaker vetting process. We encourage you to still apply as you might be considered for a different event.

What happens after I get selected to speak?

If you are selected to speak you will be contacted by our Conference Content team with more information.

What information should I know before applying to speak?

We do not allow speakers to promote or pitch from the stage. No exceptions. This includes veiled attempts to pitch a product, service, company, brand, individual, or group.

Virtual Code of Conduct 


MJBizDaily Direct is dedicated to providing a secure and positive experience to all attendees. We require all virtual event attendees to observe this Virtual Code of Conduct. 


  • Help create a safe environment by being respectful to all attendees (including speakers, moderators, exhibitors, and staff) 
  • Avoid discriminatory, threatening, or harassing language & behavior 
  • Offensive and/or threatening comments are prohibited, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, and disability. 
  • Improper remarks/advancements or stalking of fellow attendees is prohibited  
  • Nudity is forbidden 


  • MJBizDaily Direct reserves the right to remove comments, posts, or chats from the platform that are deemed offensive or threatening. 
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and is non-negotiable. Any attendees who take part in this conduct will be immediately removed from the event without the possibility of refund.  


  • If you witness or are the subject of harassment or inappropriate behavior, please contact our Customer Experience Team at c[email protected] 
  • The Virtual Event Code of Conduct may be revised at any time by the MJBizDaily Direct EventTeam. 



Show Management reserves the right to deny admission or remove those deemed a risk to the professional atmosphere of the Show. Grounds for denial of admission or for removal include, but not limited to, any individual who violates any term as set forth herein.

Any individual attending the Show, in any capacity, including but not limited to, attendees, exhibitors, and speakers, hereby accept the terms and conditions of the Show, as set forth herein. Any individual attending the Show further understands, acknowledges, and accepts that violation of any of the terms contained herein may result in the individual being immediately removed from the Show. Any individual attending the Show, understands, acknowledges, and accepts that anyone who is removed from the Show for any reason will not be allowed to re-entry and will not be issued a refund.


Show Management may capture Badge Recipient’s image on video or in photos. Show Management shall have the right in perpetuity to use Badge Recipient’s name, image, and likeness in connection with the Show. Show Management is permitted, although not obligated, to include Badge Recipient’s name as a credit in connection with the image.

      1. GRANTS.
        Badge Recipient hereby grants Show Management and Show Management’s assigns, licensees, and successors the right to use candid group photos or videos without securing additional permission.
      2. RELEASE.
        Badge Recipient releases Show Management and Show Management’s assigns, licensees, and successors from any claims that may arise regarding the use of my image, including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity, or copyright.

Show Management strongly recommends business or business casual attire. Revealing or unkempt attire that would be deemed inappropriate in a standard professional office environment is prohibited.


Photography and videography during any speaker session is prohibited unless the photographer or videographer is a member of the media and has designated Press Badge.

Badge Recipient is prohibited from passing his or her Badge to another individual for use to access any part of the Show. Further, Show Management will confiscate and deactivate Badge Recipient’s Badge, and Badge Recipient will not be allowed re-entry to the Show without refund.

Solicitation, demonstration, or distribution of promotional materials, products, and services is prohibited unless Badge Recipient has executed an exhibitor contract with Show Management.


No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to attend the Show under any circumstances. In accordance with local laws, no one under the age 19 will be permitted to attend MJBizConINTL.

Registrant shall refer to any individual who registers for a Show, including but not limited to Attendees, Exhibitors, and Speakers, but has not yet obtained a Badge. Registration shall mean information that a Registrant submits to register for access to the Show.

Customer service will modify registration information up to fourteen days before the official first day of a Show. The service charge for modifying information related to Show access is $25.00 (or the equivalent in another currency at the time pre-show registration is opened). Customer service may be contacted at (720) 213-5992, ext. 1 or [email protected].

        Upon Registrant’s request, Show Management will transfer Registration to another individual, as designated by Registrant, up to fourteen days before the official first day of the Show. The service charge for transferring Registration is $25.00 (or the equivalent in another currency at the time pre-show registration is opened), in addition to any amounts already paid. Registrant should contact customer service to officially transfer Registration to another individual.
        Upon Registrant’s request, Show Management will modify the Registrant’s name to reflect the new name, as Registrant instructs, up to fourteen days before the official first day of the Show. The service charge for transferring Registration is $25.00 (or the equivalent in another currency at the time pre-show registration is opened), in addition to any amounts already paid. The registrant should contact customer service to modify the Registrant’s name.

Refunds are available up to forty-five days before the official first day of the Show (“Refund Deadline”). Requests for a refund must be submitted by the Refund Deadline. The service charge for processing a refund is $25.00 (or the equivalent in another currency at the time pre-show registration is opened), in addition to any amounts already paid.

Refunds are unavailable any time after the expiration of the Refund Deadline without documented bereavement, military leave, or medical leave.

Contact MJBizDaily and MJBizCon Team