Meet 1,000+ exhibitors
  • Greenhouse/ Facility Design
  • Humidity control/HVAC
  • Irrigation
  • Extraction and post-extraction equipment
  • Packaging, Labels & Supplies
  • Testing & Lab Equipment
  • Banking & Payment processing
  • Infused products
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR
  • Software & Technology

Connect with the cannabis industry from across the U.S. & Canada

On the Expo floor, at the conference sessions, during the early evening networking events – as well as the official ‘after hours’ events – you’ll meet retailers just like yourself.

Attendees form new partnerships, trade war stories and make lifetime friendships.

“After a year without MJBizCon, I am eager to reconnect with the heart of the cannabis industry – the people!”

Jessica Billingsley

Attend industry sessions developed to get you up to speed quick in your new cannabis operation

Your state just legalized cannabis.
You made a career move into the cannabis industry.
You just won a cannabis business license.
You just started operating.

No matter how or why you entered the market, the cannabis industry can be complicated to navigate. As more states open regulated markets, you need the right tools be successful. Attendees can expect to hear objective, professional insights from some of the industry’s top leaders on how to get operations off the ground, considerations for how to grow your business and how to avoid certain pitfalls. These strategic and tactical sessions were built to address the needs of new market players.

From the Ground Up: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Retail

From the Ground Up is a series of three sessions for operators who are new to the space or just getting their feet wet. Each 45-minute session will cover cultivation, manufacturing and retail. The content is focused on operators who are just getting started or are looking to get back to the basics.

Increasing Minority Participation in the Cannabis Industry’s New and Emerging Markets

You hear all of the discussions around social equity policy and barriers to entry for those impacted by the War on Drugs. This session will go deeper and take a more strategic approach as to how minority entrepreneurs, business owners and contractors can profit in the cannabis industry.

What you will learn:

– The various opportunities and programs available for support.
– Defining your niche and connecting it to the cannabis supply chain – what is your solution?
– The importance of community, strategic partnerships and alliances to advance exposure and growth.
– Q&A at the end.

Cannabis vs. IRS: Secrets Unveiled

How does the IRS really feel about cannabis? Well, we found out and it’s information that all cannabis operators need to be aware of. MJBizDaily Senior Reporter, John Schroyer and a panel of tax experts will expand on the findings from John’s exposé on the IRS and cannabis operators.

What you will learn:

– Tips for when the IRS comes knocking at your door.
– How the IRS cannabis policies are continuing to evolve and how you can stay afoot of their practices.
– Q&A at the end.

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