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Navigating the Current Landscape: An Update on the USDA and FDA

In February, after the USDA delayed the DEA testing requirement for hemp, the industry breathed a short sigh of relief. But the crop’s new regulator says to expect little lenience in the long run, and that the industry’s wish to raise THC limits on hemp is a total no-go without congressional interference. Meanwhile, a global […]

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Hire Learning: Strategies to Overcome Today’s Hemp Workforce Challenges

The industry is now competing with multinational agricultural conglomerates to attract talent on the farm and off the farm, from cultivation experts to skilled processors and retailers. Operators now also have access to alternative labor options.  In a time when many industries are having to layoff or furlough employees, how has the hemp industry dealt […]

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A New World: How Hemp Operators Have Adapted in the 2020 Fallout

2020 was going to be a new year for the hemp industry, but probably not in the way that many operators anticipated.  The first quarter ended with the outbreak of a global pandemic and an economic shutdown.  The impact trickled and soon many hemp farmers, processors and ancillary services found themselves having to adjust business […]

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