Assessing US Markets

Until the United States legalizes marijuana at the federal level, the industry faces a patchwork of individual markets in states that have already taken that step. For those looking to invest now, it’s critical to keep in mind that no two markets are alike. You’ll get insights on: The clear – and numerous – differences […]

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International Opportunities

Cannabis legalization has moved forward in many countries around the globe, but each market has approached it in very different ways. Where are opportunities for investors looking to international markets? You’ll get insights on: Key players taking the lead in markets outside the United States and Canada. Export opportunities from Latin America: What’s a realistic […]

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Direct Investment

Because the marijuana industry lacks a federally legal status in the United States, many of the key players are still privately owned – and their doors are open for investors. The panelists will discuss their own experiences as direct investors and what they learned. You’ll get insights on: Key risks and opportunities of investing in […]

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