Update on Israel’s Cannabis Market

Israel has one of the oldest and most developed medical marijuana programs in the world. Now, the recent promise that medical marijuana exports from the country will be permitted has attracted significant investment. You’ll get insights on: The current domestic market and pending changes to the regulations Why exports were allowed but haven’t yet begun. […]

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Asia and Oceania’s Markets

Even with a modest number of patients, Australia represents one of the largest medical cannabis markets outside North America. Meanwhile, New Zealanders will decide in the 2020 election whether to legalize recreational marijuana, several Asian countries are developing their medical cannabis frameworks, and China could become the hemp powerhouse of the world. You’ll get insights […]

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Opportunities in Africa

In the past few years, the southern Africa countries of Lesotho and Zimbabwe saw opportunities in the international cannabis markets, and now they are preparing to export. You’ll get insights on: How the licensing systems work in these two countries. Why investors and companies should be excited about African countries becoming suppliers of medical cannabis. […]

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Update on Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America attracted significant interest during the past couple of years because of the cannabis-production opportunities several countries offer. Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide, Colombia has attracted a majority of foreign investment commitments, and Jamaica has been leading the Caribbean. You’ll get insights on: The current status […]

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Europe’s Emerging Markets

Because Germany’s medical cannabis market is larger than the rest of Europe combined, so the European industry is dependent on what happens there. This could change once other large European countries legalize or further develop their already existing but too restrictive medical frameworks. You’ll get insights on: Why the United Kingdom, France and Spain will […]

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Europe’s Producing Markets

Until recently, most companies and investors believed the opportunity in Europe consisted of supplying the continent from Canada. But that viewpoint began to change in the past couple of years when some European jurisdictions started allowing in-country cultivation. You’ll get insights on: Why different European countries started to allow domestic cultivation. The status of the […]

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