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Meeting the Right Standards: Why Cannabis Testing is Crucial

As global recognition of the medical benefits of cannabis increases, there is a growing need for high-quality, consistent products with known components. This is where third-party laboratory testing comes in to offer much-needed validity and legitimacy for cannabis companies and to provide patients with peace of mind about the products that they are consuming. You’ll […]

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The Future of Extraction

This session will explore both current and innovative new extraction methods for essential cannabis compounds. Join industry expert John MacKay as he explores the history of extraction and how your business can leverage new technologies, including tools that aid in obtaining the full spectrum of compounds from cannabis plants. You’ll get insights on: The pros […]

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Cultivars and Genetics: The Science of Cultivation

It is important to understand the basic science behind cannabis genetics.  Thanks to the advanced hybridization of cannabis over the years and the growth of the industry globally, we now have a multitude of cultivars to choose from. In this session, James Loud, veteran cannabis genetics consultant, will discuss how choosing the right cultivar can impact […]

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