Maximizing the Expo Hall Experience

Conferences are an exemplary form of controlled chaos. They can feel overwhelming to first timers and veterans alike. Follow these easy steps to make the best use of your time at any show.

Have a Plan
Schedule, schedule, schedule. Most conferences post an agenda ahead of time. Use it to identify who you want to speak with and what sessions you want to attend. Then, plan your time in between educational experiences. Expo floors are busy places, and simply wandering for hours is counterproductive. Know where you’re headed.

Manage Existing Connections
Networking, at its best, involves meeting new people AND strengthening current and ongoing relationships. Make time for current colleagues as well as meeting new ones. But be mindful — it’s absolutely critical that you don’t spend all your time with people you will see back home next week.

Ask Questions and Listen
You have a limited amount of time with every single person you interact with. Asking the right questions can lead to potential connections seeking YOU out for advice. A unique hallmark of the cannabis industry is the pervasive willingness to help each other out.

Dress Mindfully – and Comfortably
You’re going to be doing a LOT of walking and standing, and will need to maintain a professional appearance for hours. If you have to change, that’s time you’re missing on the floor. And no one likes sore feet.


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