What is NEXT?

Experience the Future of the Marijuana Industry

Brought to you by the editors of Marijuana Business Daily, MJBizConNEXT focuses on the near future of the expanding Cannabis industry. For executives growing their companies and emerging industry professionals looking at cutting edge innovations, new technologies and how cannabis businesses grow in a rapidly advancing market, NEXT is your show!

With one fixed show price, MJBizConNEXT has educational pathways via traditional tracks, VIP executive sessions, as well as experiential content and exhibits throughout the show floor.



Raves: What attendees say about MJBizCon

What repeat attendees say

“This hands down is the must attend conference of the year if you are serious about the industry. Trust me, I’ve attended them all at some point – but this one is the one I won’t miss.”
Attendee from Colorado

“The conference is so valuable because it gets everyone in the industry to meet new people in the industry or just shore up relationships that are already going. It also lets you see everything that is in the industry from grow rooms, lights, extractors, and so on.”
Attendee from Florida

“Many of us work inside our own bubble in the industry and this was a chance to get out of that bubble and see what everyone else is doing and adjust accordingly.”
Attendee from California

“They put much more time into planning the workshops and presentations than other conferences I have attended.”
Attendee from Alaska

“This is my 5th MJBizCon that I have attended. This industry is moving very fast and each year the game has been stepped up. Every year I have been able to add at least one new technological advancement to our company that we were introduced to at this meeting.”
Attendee from Arizona

“It’s fantastic for already established businesses to further their knowledge on the new technology and the advances of scientific research in the field that can directly impact current operations for the better”
Attendee from Illinois

“Must attend for anyone serious about the marijuana industry and networking. You have all the key players in one area ready to discuss business and move the industry forward. How could anyone miss this?”
Attendee from California

What exhibitors say

“The Expo was set up and organized beautifully, and everyone we met was there solely to pursue their active business interests.”
Exhibitor from Canada

“At this past event, I watched a businesswoman in the hall sign a $250,000 contract on someone’s back…too cool!”
Exhibitor from California

“It is by far the most professional conference related to the cannabis industry.”
Exhibitor from Nevada

“I have attended trade shows for 30 years and have NEVER seen one this well organized and attended.”
Exhibitor from Nebraska

“A huge success for my company. We gained some partnerships and new customers from it that we may not have had otherwise. This conference is the biggest and best I’ve seen.”
Exhibitor from Denver

“We always meet many new leads for our business. It’s got much higher attendance from investors and potential customers.”
Exhibitor from Colorado

What new-to-industry executives say

“From dirt, lights, genetics to seeds, finances and hard core professionals, there is something to learn around every corner.”
Attendee from Nevada

“The amount of information I gained through speakers, workshops, networking and the conference floor could take months and months of research, but this way it was all under one roof.”
Attendee from Ohio

“Knowledge is power, and after leaving this event, my brain was full.”
Attendee from Oregon

“I thought this event would be like SXSW for the cannabis industry. Instead, I had more business cards from interesting and exciting folks in day one than I had during a whole week of SXSW.”
Attendee from New York

“It’s the only way to get a perception of where the market is headed. Or to see what the market is lacking.”
Attendee from Tennessee

“So many people to meet!!! Endless conversations and so much education being passed. It’s great to rub elbows with some of our industry’s best.”
Attendee from Illinois

“A wealth of information for people new to the cannabis industry as well as seasoned professionals. Fantastic networking opportunities from every sector of cannabis.”
Attendee from California