Keynote Speaker

Anat Baron

Founder & CEO, Stashwall

Anat has spent her career moving at warp speed while staying ahead of trends – and sometimes shaping them.  She…

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Featured Speakers

Vivien Azer

Managing Director & Senior Research Analyst, Cowen

As managing director and senior research analyst at Cowen, a New York-based investment, Vivien specializes in the beverage, tobacco and…

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Dr. Mark DeVolder

Change Specialist, Synergy Sense Consulting

Three-time Top 25 Speaker Award winner, change-consultant for the NASA Space Shuttle Program and transition-advisor for $50 billion mergers and…

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JJ OBrien

Vice President & General Manager, PAX Era

In his role with Pax Labs, a vaporizer product company, JJ led the launch of the Era Division from two…

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Nicholas Vita

CEO, Columbia Care

Nicholas co-founded Columbia Care in New York in 2013. Under Nicholas, Columbia Care has developed one of the largest portfolios…

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Chris Walsh

President and Incoming CEO, Marijuana Business Daily

Chris is the President and incoming CEO of Marijuana Business Daily. He served as the founding editor of MJBizDaily during the…

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Nancy Whiteman

Founder & CEO, Wana Brands

Nancy founded Wana Brands, a cannabis edibles and extracts company, in 2010. The firm’s products are sold in Colorado, Nevada,…

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Tegan Adams

CEO, New Maple Holdings

Tegan is the CEO of New Maple Holdings, a Toronto-based company offering cannabis investment products and expertise. In this role,…

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John Andrle

Owner & Founder, L'Eagle Services

John, who co-founded L’Eagle with his wife, Amy, handles the Denver cannabis company’s operations from seed to sale, including the…

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Rachael Z. Ardanuy

Attorney, RZA Legal

Rachael is a Denver-based cannabis business attorney and the founder of RZA Legal. She provides clients with guidance and counsel…

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Joy Beckerman

Regulatory Officer & Industry Liaison, Elixinol

Joy has been involved with hemp for more than 25 years as an educator, public speaker and grassroots activist who…

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Karen J. Bernstein

Managing Partner, Bernstein IP

Karen serves as managing partner of Bernstein IP, a Manhattan-based IP law firm that counsels its clients on protecting their…

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Tyler Beuerlein

Chief Revenue Officer, Hypur

Tyler leverages extensive experience in building brands, managing key relationships and strategic partnerships as Chief Revenue Officer for Hypur Ventures,…

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Roy Bingham

CEO, BDS Analytics

Roy started BDS Analytics to collect, process and present point-of-sale market share data for the cannabis industry. He is a…

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Michael Boniello

Managing Director, Poseidon Asset Management

Michael is a managing director at Poseidon Asset Management, one of the longest running cannabis-focused investment firms. During his time…

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Kara Bradford

Co-founder & CEO, Viridian Staffing

Kara is the co-founder & CEO of Viridian Staffing, the first full-service staffing, recruiting and HR consulting firm in the…

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Chonie Bradley

VP, Finance, Marijuana Business Daily

Chonie currently serves as the VP of Finance for Marijuana Business Daily. She has been with the company since 2016,…

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Brandon Brooks

Co-founder & CEO, Ascended Genetics

Brandon has been growing cannabis since 2004. He co-founded Ascended Genetics, a company dedicated bringing out the full genetic potential…

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Clayton Coker

Head of Product, Somatik

Clayton is the co-founder and serves as Head of Product at Somatik, a craft cannabis edibles manufacturer based in San…

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Kevin Conroy

Partner, Foley Hoag

Kevin is a partner in the Boston law office of Foley Hoag, where he primarily focuses on government investigations and…

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Flip Croft-Caderao

Principal, Greenlit Agency

Flip founded the Los Angeles-based digital media company Greenlit Agency, which serves some of the largest cannabis brands in California.…

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Jay Czarkowski

Founding Partner, Canna Advisors

As founding partner at Canna Advisors, Jay and his team have helped build cannabis businesses in more than 30 states.…

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Chris Day

VP, External Relations, Marijuana Business Daily

Chris Day is the Vice President of External Relations and handles global partnership development for MJBizDaily and the MJBizCon family…

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Jennifer Dooley

Chief Strategy Officer, Green Thumb Industries

Jennifer was actively involved as Green Thumb Industries made the move in June from private company  to trading on the…

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Sean Doyle

Senior Associate, Salveo Capital

Sean serves as the senior associate at Salveo Capital, a private investment fund focused on the legalized cannabis sector. Prior…

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Nic Easley

CEO, 3C Consulting

As the head of 3C, Nic has helped hundreds of clients in 21 states and seven countries design, build, launch…

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Jill Ellsworth

Founder & CEO, Willow Industries

Jill is the founder and CEO of Willow Industries, which provides ozone-based technology for post-harvest microbial decontamination. Launched in 2015,…

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Bob Eschino

Founder & President, Incredibles

Bob is responsible for sales, marketing and national expansion as president of Incredibles, an award-winning infused-product company. He is also…

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Omar Figueroa

Principal Attorney, Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

Omar Figueroa is a pioneering cannabis lawyer who has been providing legal counsel and representation to members of California’s cannabis…

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Adam Fine

Partner, Vicente Sederberg

Adam represents several Massachusetts cannabis businesses on corporate, licensing and regulatory matters as the managing partner of Vicente Sederberg’s Boston…

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Anne Forkutza

VP Strategy, Cova Software

Anne is responsible for growing Cova Software’s ecosystem with strategic partners who collectively strive to move the industry in a…

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Saphira Galoob

Executive Director, National Cannabis Roundtable

Saphira is the principal and CEO of The Liaison Group and serves as the Senior Public Policy Advisor and Executive…

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Rhory Gould

Founder & CEO, Arborside

Rhory founded Arborside Compassion, a marijuana provisioning center based in Michigan, in 2011. Since then, he has led his team…

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Naomi Granger

Co-founder & COO, Dope CFO

Naomi is the Co-founder and COO of Dope CFO, a cannabis-focused accounting firm. The company provides a national training program…

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Scott L. Greiper

President, Viridian Capital Advisors

Scott founded the cannabis-focused financial and strategic advisory company in New York in 2014. He also is president and founding…

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Mark Grindeland

CEO, Coda Signature

Mark co-founded Coda Signature, an award-winning infused products manufacturer in Colorado, in January 2015. He has been a founding member…

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Michael Gruber

Managing Partner, Salveo Capital

Michael co-founded Salveo Capital, a private investment fund focused on the legal cannabis sector. He was active in the industry…

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Philip Hague

Director of Cultivation, Acreage Holdings

One of the better-known cultivators in the marijuana space, Phil recently brought his vast experience and knowledge of horticulture and…

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Harold Han

CSO, Nanogen Labs

Harold is the founder and chief science officer of Nanogen Labs, a California-based technology and industrial supplier of water-soluble cannabinoids.…

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Tom Haren

Attorney, Frantz Ward

Tom’s practice at Frantz Ward LLP focuses on marijuana law and policy. He represents clients in the medical marijuana industry…

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Joshua Haupt

Chief Revenue Officer, Medicine Man Technologies

Joshua is currently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer for Medicine Man Technologies in Denver, CO. He has worked in…

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Damon Hebert

Senior Greenhouse Materials Engineer, UbiQD

Damon performs in-house plant studies and manages pilot programs and grower relations for UbiQD, the New Mexico-based makers of UbiGro,…

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Bridget Hill-Zayat

Counsel, Hoban Law Group

Bridget is an attorney with the Hoban Law Group who is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.…

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Jeannette Ward Horton

Executive Director, NuLeaf Project

Jeannette is the vice president of global marketing and communications for MJ Freeway, the world’s largest cannabis technology company. In…

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Brett Hundley

Equity Analyst, Seaport Global

Brett focuses on the cannabis and food additives sectors as managing director and senior cannabis/ingredients analyst at Seaport Global. Prior…

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Catarino Felán III

Managing Director, La Hoja

Catarino is responsible for raising capital and new business development at La Hoja, a global capital advisory firm with a…

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Rob James

Mechanical Engineer, Root Engineers

Rob serves as the lead engineer on extraction projects at Root Engineers in Oregon. He has successfully engineered systems for…

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Neil Juneja

Managing Partner, Gleam Law

Neil is the founder and managing partner of Gleam Law, a cannabis-focused law firm with offices in Washington, Oregon and…

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Sam Kamin

Professor, University of Denver

Sam has emerged as an expert voice on marijuana law reform in Colorado and throughout the country. He sat on…

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Kris Karlson

CEO, KO Acquisitions, Inc.

Kris leverages more than 22 years of M&A expertise to help companies achieve scale and to match buyers and sellers…

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Kristi Kelly

Executive Director, Marijuana Industry Group

Kristi is the executive director the Marijuana Industry Group, Colorado’s largest and most diverse trade association for licensed marijuana businesses.…

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Andrew Kessner

Equity Research Analyst, William O'Neil & Co.

Andrew covers the cannabis industry and global industrials sector as an equity research analyst at William O’Neil + Co. He…

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Khurshid Khoja

Principal & Founder, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Khurshid serves clients in the legal cannabis industry as principal of Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, a law firm founded in 2012…

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Christy Kline

Founder & CEO, Merritt Capital Strategies

Christy founded Merritt Strategies, a company focused on the funding and consultation of businesses that are not in the traditional…

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Jourdan Kurtz

Executive Vice President of Retail Operations, Cresco Labs

Jourdan heads Cresco Labs’ nationwide expansion into some of the most heavily regulated cannabis markets. He oversees the company’s 21…

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Christine Lamb

Managing Partner, Fortis Law Partners

Christine has more than 25 years of legal experience. As managing partner for Denver-based Fortis Law Partners, her practice focuses…

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Joseph Levey

Founding Partner, Helbraun Levey

Joseph is the founding partner of Helbraun Levey, a New York-based law firm focused on the hospitality industry. He leverages…

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Neal Levine

CEO, Cannabis Trade Federation

Neal co-founded the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF), a national organization that represents the business interests of ancillary companies, dispensaries, distributors,…

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Dr. Bernie Lorenz

CSO, ProKure

Bernie is the chief science officer of ProKure, a cannabis industry leader in controlling cultivation environments and decontamination. He is…

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Jimmy Makoso

Co-founder & Vice President, Lucid Lab Group

Jim helped form Lucid Labs in 2015 in Seattle in hopes of bringing a different tack to essential oil extraction…

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John Mancuso

Owner & Founder, Authentic Communication Matters

John consults in a diverse set of industries, including cannabis, as the owner and founder of Authentic Communication Matters. He…

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Olivia Mannix

Founder & CEO, Cannabrand

Olivia founded Cannabrand, a cannabis-focused marketing agency and consultancy firm, to help brands establish their unique identities and position themselves…

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Jay Marshall

Strategic Partnership Team, Thrive Agrictech

Jay leads the strategic partnership Team in the Upper Midwest region of the United States and Canada for Thrive Agritech,…

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Jennifer Martin

Founder, Cultivation Sector Consulting

A veteran commercial cannabis grower, Jennifer now operates as an independent consultant. Her company, Cannabis Cultivation Consulting, specializes in large-scale…

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Wes Matelich

CEO, Rx Green Technologies

Wes brings a research- and ROI-driven approach to the cannabis industry. As CEO of Rx Green Technologies, a North American…

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Maureen McNamara

Founder & Chief Facilitator, Cannabis Trainers

Maureen founded Cannabis Trainers in 2014 to provide professional training solutions for the cannabis industry coast to coast. She is…

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Donna More

Attorney, Fox Rothschild

Donna is the Managing Partner of the Chicago office of Fox Rothschild. Donna’s practice is focused on highly regulated industries…

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Ralph Morgan

Founder & CEO, Collective Hemp

Ralph founded Collective Hemp Brands to bring to market hemp-based medical and wellness products that utilize cannabinoid science. Previously, Ralph…

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Barton Morris

Attorney, Cannabis Legal Group

Barton is the principal attorney and founder of the Michigan-based Cannabis Legal Group, which specializes in marijuana-related legal issues. He…

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Maikel van de Mortel

EVP of Marketing, Lighthouse Strategies

Maikel is the EVP of Marketing for Lighthouse Strategies, a California-based consulting firm that provides a wide range of business…

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William Muecke

Managing Member, Artemis Growth Partners

William co-founded Artemis Growth Partners, a private-equity firm dedicated to investing in the global cannabis industry. Prior to founding Artemis…

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Cameron Noble

President, Peak Wellness

Cameron is the founder and creative force behind Peak Wellness Canada, a cannabis processing and extraction company. The company’s emphasis…

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Nick Pateras

VP, Strategy, Lift & Co.

Nick oversees key strategic, international expansion and M&A opportunities at Lift & Co., a publicly traded technology company with an…

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Sally Kent Peebles

Partner, Vicente Sederberg

Sally is a partner at the Vicente Sederberg law office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her practice focuses on corporate, commercial real…

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Shanita Penny

Principal, Budding Solutions

Shanita added the cannabis sector to a portfolio heavy on consulting experience in 2015. She founded Budding Solutions with the…

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Kelly E. Perez

Co-founder & CEO, KindColorado

Kelly is the CEO and co-founder of KindColorado, which connects cannabis businesses to community-serving nonprofits. She is also the president…

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Tony Perzow

CEO, The Tony Perzow Group of Companies

A polished and engaging presenter, Tony has trained top executives from many of the leading Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Red…

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Jesse Peters

CEO, Mantis Growth Investments

Jesse is the CEO of Mantis Growth Investments, a company seeking to create profit through the delivery of quality cannabis…

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Jacob Policzer

Director of Science & Strategy, The Cannabis Conservancy

Jacob is the Co-founder and Director of Science & Strategy for The Cannabis Conservancy (TCC). TCC’s mission is to empower…

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Dr. Jason Poulos

CEO, Librede

Jason works to produce valuable therapeutic compounds in economically and environmentally sustainable ways. As CEO of Librede, a California-based biotechnology…

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Jesse Pytlak

Institutional Equity Research Analyst, Cormark Securities

Jesse Pytlak is an equity research analyst at Cormark Securities, Canada’s largest employee owned investment bank. His coverage area focuses…

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Carla Quisenberry

Attorney, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn

Carla is a Portland-based attorney with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn. Her practice focuses on intellectual property law and matters…

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Patrick Rea

Co-founder & CEO, CanopyBoulder

Patrick is a 17-year veteran of startups, growth companies and big corporate entities. He now runs CanopyBoulder, a seed-stage, mentorship-driven…

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Dan Roda

Co-founder & CEO, Abaca

Dan is a licensed attorney with experience in commercial transactions, banking and securities law – in addition to cannabis law…

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Scott Rudder

President, New Jersey Cannabusiness Association

Scott was named president of the Board of Directors for the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association (NJCBA) in January 2017. The…

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Josh Rutherford

Owner, PurePressure

Josh co-founded PurePressure, a Colorado-based provider of solventless extraction equipment. He is also the owner of Kush Masters, a licensed…

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Michael H. Sampson

Partner & Co-Deputy Chair of Cannabis Law Team, Reed Smith

Michael is a partner for the Pennsylvania law firm Reed Smith. He also serves as co-deputy chair for the firm’s…

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Steve Schain

Senior Attorney, Hoban Law Group

Steve runs global cannabis law firm Hoban Law Group’s PA and NJ practices and Chairs its Financial Services Group. With…

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Larry Schnurmacher

Managing Partner, Phyto Partners

Larry founded Phyto Partners, a cannabis industry venture capital fund, in 2015 to help investors capitalize on a new industry…

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Dorian-Michelle Smith

Colorado General Manager, PAX Labs

Dorian is the Colorado General Manager for PAX Labs. In this role, Dorian drives the Colorado sales strategy and maintains…

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Katie Stem

CEO, Peak Extracts

Katie is the co-founder & CEO of Peak Extracts, a Portland, Oregon-based extraction company that specializes in strain-specific chocolates. In…

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Jennifer Dianne Thomas

Co-founder & Chief Legal Officer, Province Brands of Canada

Jennifer is a corporate transactional specialist with several years of experience advising emerging and startup companies in commercial transactions, corporate…

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Lindsay Topping

Director of Strategy, Grit

Lindsay leads GRIT in business development, brand strategy and client relationships. She is also an expert on packaging and regulation…

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Kaitlin Urso

Environmental Consultant for Small Businesses, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Kaitlin provides Colorado small businesses with proactive environmental assistance and lasting program resources. She specializes in “greening” the brewing and…

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Alfred Wong

President & CEO, Micron Waste Technologies, Inc.

Alfred is the President and CEO of Micron Waste Technologies, a leading organic waste technology company based in Canada. Micron…

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David Wunderlich

Attorney, McAllister Garfield

David counsels marijuana, hemp and CBD businesses as an attorney for McCallister Garfield, a Colorado-based marijuana law firm. He helps…

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Dr. Melanie Yelton

VP of Research, LumiGrow

Melanie uses LED lighting to elicit desirable crop characteristics as the vice president of research at LumiGrow, a leading company…

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Katy Young

Managing Partner, Ad Astra Law Group

Katy represents both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes and real estate claims, including matters for cannabis industry litigants. For…

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