Keynote Speaker

Anat Baron

Founder & CEO, Stashwall

Anat has spent her career moving at warp speed while staying ahead of trends (and sometimes shaping them).  She has…

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Mark DeVolder

Change Specialist

Three-time Top 25 Speaker Award winner, change-consultant for the NASA Space Shuttle Program and transition-advisor for $50 billion mergers and…

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JJ O’Brien

Vice President & General Manager, PAX Era

In his role with Pax Labs, a vaporizer product company, JJ led the launch of the Era Division from two…

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Nicholas Vita

CEO, Columbia Care

Nicholas co-founded Columbia Care in New York in 2013. Under Nicholas, Columbia Care has developed one of the largest portfolios…

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Nancy Whiteman

Founder & CEO, Wana Brands

Nancy founded Wana Brands, a cannabis edibles and extracts company, in 2010. The firm’s products are sold in Colorado, Nevada,…

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John Andrle

Owner & Founder, L'Eagle Services

John, who co-founded L’Eagle with his wife, Amy, handles the Denver cannabis company’s operations from seed to sale, including the…

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Joy Beckerman

Principal, Hemp Ace International

Joy founded Hemp Ace International in 2014 in New York to offer the global industry consulting, legal and brokerage services.…

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Karen J. Bernstein

Managing Partner, Bernstein IP

Karen serves as managing partner of Bernstein IP, a Manhattan-based IP law firm that counsels its clients on protecting their…

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Roy Bingham

CEO, BDS Analytics

Roy started BDS Analytics to collect, process and present point-of-sale market share data for the cannabis industry. He is a…

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Clayton Coker

Head of Product, Somatik

Clayton is the co-founder and serves as Head of Product at Somatik, a craft cannabis edibles manufacturer based in San…

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Jay Czarkowski

Founding Partner, Canna Advisors

As founding partner at Canna Advisors, Jay and his team have helped build cannabis businesses in more than 30 states.…

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Jennifer Dooley

Chief Strategy Officer, Green Thumb Industries

Jennifer was actively involved as Green Thumb Industries made the move in June from private company  to trading on the…

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Nic Easley

CEO, 3C Consulting

As the head of 3C, Nic has helped hundreds of clients in 21 states and seven countries design, build, launch…

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Saphira Galoob

Principal & CEO, The Liaison Group

Saphira is the founder and CEO of The Liaison Group, a boutique lobbying firm focused exclusively on the cannabis industry.…

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Rhory Gould

Founder & CEO, Arborside

Rhory founded Arborside Compassion, a marijuana provisioning center based in Michigan, in 2011. Since then, he has led his team…

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Scott L. Greiper

President, Viridian Capital Advisors

Scott founded the cannabis-focused financial and strategic advisory company in New York in 2014. He also is president and founding…

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Mark Grindeland

CEO, Coda Signature

Mark co-founded Coda Signature, an award-winning infused products manufacturer in Colorado, in January 2015. He has been a founding member…

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Harold Han

CSO, Nanogen Labs

Harold is the founder and chief science officer of Nanogen Labs, a California-based technology and industrial supplier of water-soluble cannabinoids.…

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Tom Haren

Attorney, Frantz Ward

Tom’s practice at Frantz Ward LLP focuses on marijuana law and policy. He represents clients in the medical marijuana industry…

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Bridget Hill-Zayat

Counsel, Hoban Law Group

Bridget is an attorney with the Hoban Law Group who is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland.…

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Christine Lamb

Managing Partner, Fortis Law Partners

Christine has more than 25 years of legal experience. As managing partner for Denver-based Fortis Law Partners, her practice focuses…

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Neal Levine

CEO, Cannabis Trade Federation

Neal co-founded the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF), a national organization that represents the business interests of ancillary companies, dispensaries, distributors,…

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Jimmy Makoso

Co-founder & Vice President, Lucid Lab Group

Jim helped form Lucid Labs in 2015 in Seattle in hopes of bringing a different tack to essential oil extraction…

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John Mancuso

Owner & Founder, Authentic Communication Matters

John consults in a diverse set of industries, including cannabis, as the owner and founder of Authentic Communication Matters. He…

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Jennifer Martin

Founder, Cultivation Sector Consulting

A veteran commercial cannabis grower, Jennifer now operates as an independent consultant. Her company, Cannabis Cultivation Consulting, specializes in large-scale…

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Wes Matelich

CEO, Rx Green Technologies

Wes brings a research- and ROI-driven approach to the cannabis industry. As CEO of Rx Green Technologies, a North American…

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Maureen McNamara

Founder & Chief Facilitator, Cannabis Trainers

Maureen founded Cannabis Trainers in 2014 to provide professional training solutions for the cannabis industry coast to coast. She is…

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Barton Morris

Attorney, Cannabis Legal Group

Barton is the principal attorney and founder of the Michigan-based Cannabis Legal Group, which specializes in marijuana-related legal issues. He…

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Sally Kent Peebles

Partner, Vicente Sederberg

Sally is a partner at the Vicente Sederberg law office in Jacksonville, Florida. Her practice focuses on corporate, commercial real…

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Shanita Penny

Principal, Budding Solutions

Shanita added the cannabis sector to a portfolio heavy on consulting experience in 2015. She founded Budding Solutions with the…

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Tony Perzow

CEO, The Tony Perzow Group of Companies

A polished and engaging presenter, Tony has trained top executives from many of the leading Fortune 500 companies (Apple, Red…

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Carla Quisenberry

Attorney, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn

Carla is a Portland-based attorney with Miller Nash Graham & Dunn. Her practice focuses on intellectual property law and matters…

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Patrick Rea

Co-founder & CEO, CanopyBoulder

Patrick is a 17-year veteran of startups, growth companies and big corporate entities. He now runs CanopyBoulder, a seed-stage, mentorship-driven…

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Josh Rutherford

Owner, PurePressure

Josh co-founded PurePressure, a Colorado-based provider of solventless extraction equipment. He is also the owner of Kush Masters, a licensed…

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Steve Schain

Senior Attorney, Hoban Law Group

Steve runs global cannabis law firm Hoban Law Group’s PA and NJ practices and Chairs its Financial Services Group. With…

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