Tuesday, Nov. 14, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm 


Advancements in cannabis science are fueling patient solutions, product development, extraction techniques – and business opportunities galore.

The MJBizCon Science Symposium is the place to advance your knowledge of the plant, its many applications, and the best ways to deliver desired outcomes for medicinal and recreational applications.

This course is a day-long examination of the most important technical aspects of this industry. Topics include cultivation science, extraction & production science, analytical testing and pre-clinical/clinical research.

You’ll emerge from the Science Symposium with a better understanding of the plant, making MJBizCon an even more meaningful experience for you.

Seating is limited and this session is expected to sell out. Reserve your spot today!

Speaker: Amanda Rigdon
10:30-11:15amCannabinoids & Terpenes
Speaker: Steve Ottersberg
11:15-12:00pmCultivation Science
Speaker: Alecia Weisman
12:00-1:00pmLunch & Networking
1:00-1:45pmAnalytical Testing
Speaker: Julie Kowalski
1:45-2:30pmExtraction Science
Speaker: Jerry W. King
2:30-3:15pmProduction Optimization
Speaker: Markus Roggen
3:30-4:15pmClinical Research/Pharmacology
Speaker: Jenny Wilkins
4:15-5:00pmWhat’s Next
Speaker: Scott Kuzdal