Brick and Mortar vs. E-Commerce: Retail Strategies Emerging From Uncertain Economic Times

You’ve got your product line up but now it is time to develop a retail strategy and one that is flexible enough to sustain drastic market shifts.  CBD and Hemp products can be found everywhere – from the local convenience store to the online shopping platforms giants.  The key to securing shelf space, finding the right distributor and standing out in the world of ecommerce are all key to your CBD products’ success.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The importance of creating a flexible retail strategy for diverse economic circumstances.
  • Challenges, opportunities and trends in today’s retail marketplace for CBD products
  • The importance and how to create pricing parity between your e-commerce and brick and mortar sales channels and why this is important in today’s marketplace.
  • Tips on how to keep your product in stock and your brand relevant whether online or on the store shelf