Creating the Ideal Potting Mix

Increasingly competitive cultivation markets in Canada and the need for brand differentiation are forcing growers to think anew about what kind of soils they use to grow cannabis. For example, cultivators are trying “living soils,” “veganic soils,” “probiotic soils” and others. Concurrently, legalization in Canada will place an increased demand on soil inputs, and some producers will likely try “no-till” or recycled soils for increased sustainability.  This session will review an array of cultivation strategies, highlighting key ingredients and the role they play in cannabis growth and development.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Product differentiation in an increasingly competitive market
  • Differences between “living soils”, “veganic soils” and “probiotic soils”
  • The limitations of external input reliance in soil-based cultivation strategies
  • Increasing sustainability without compromising plant health.