Global Insights from Industry Experts

The global cannabis market is no longer on the horizon – it’s here, and entrepreneurs and investors who want in need to act now. Whatever moves you make now need to be based not on just what’s happening in the cannabis markets today, but what’s going to be taking place in the future. And there are innumerable topics to consider. How will seed-to-sale tracking be different from today to tomorrow and from country to country? How will cannabis exports evolve in the coming years? How will breakthroughs in science and medicine affect the industry? If and/or when the United States lifts its federal cannabis prohibition, what will be the global impact? These and other select questions that are most critical to the future of the cannabis industry will be explored by an erudite panel that includes the innovation genius behind one of Israel’s most successful medical cannabis companies and a scientific entrepreneur.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Where the best business opportunities are and how to educate global consumers.
  • The most cost-effective locations to cultivate.
  • Types of products that will be in demand.
  • Developing compliance programs and patent strategies for a global marketplace.
  • How to duplicate your know-how from country to country.