Keynote: Global Paradigm Shift

August 15, 2018| 9:20 am - 10:00 am

The velocity of change in the international cannabis markets is faster than anything Brendan Kennedy has seen in the past eight years – even faster than the rapid changes that have occurred in the United States and Canada. Today, Tilray finds itself among a handful of premiere players on the international cannabis stage. But operating in an emerging global market that moves at breakneck speed doesn’t come without some setbacks. Brendan will talk about obstacles the company faces in some markets, such as Jamaica and Uruguay; why it stayed out of others, like Israel, and why it has succeeded – so far – in places like Australia, Germany and Portugal. While the number of international cannabis companies remains small, Brendan knows the competition is growing. In this session he’ll discuss what it will take to be a winner in the global cannabis market, today and tomorrow.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Developing a global strategy.
  • Market research and due diligence in foreign markets.
  • Identifying opportunities to seize and risks to avoid.
  • Setting up shop in a new country and working with local partners and governments.
  • Navigating regulations in foreign markets.