Land of Opportunity for Hemp and Cannabis Ancillary Businesses

Marijuana and hemp legalization have created immense opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to start businesses and generate wealth, and not just for those who have the risk tolerance and access to capital needed to enter the plant-touching side of the industry. Some of the most profitable companies in the cannabis industry don’t touch the plant at all, finding success by providing critical technology and services the hemp and marijuana sectors both rely on for support.

You’ll get insights on:

  • How ancillary businesses have solved unique marijuana industry challenges in the past and trends currently playing out in the market that are creating new opportunities for ancillary product, service and technology companies.
  • How a lack of support and services for U.S. hemp businesses looking to operate in compliance with federal law has created opportunities for ancillary companies.
  • How to scale ancillary businesses as they move from other countries into the U.S.