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Major Market Opportunities: Wellness, Food and Sports

The cannabis industry is evolving, and as a result companies are starting to explore markets outside of the traditional cannabis consumer.  Health and wellness cannabis products are the new alternative to achieving a healthy lifestyle, culinary cannabis events are becoming more popular and cannabis companies are joining forces in the amateur and professional sports industries.  […]

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Mergers & Acquisitions: Integration is the Key to Long-Term Success

We are seeing quite a bit of M&A activity in the U.S. cannabis sector, which comes as no surprise following the consolidation that’s also happening in Canada. There’s a laundry list of challenges that makes combining two companies difficult: consolidating different technology platforms, navigating inevitable cultural changes, and homogenizing previously independent operations, to name just […]

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Grow Time: Leveraging Human Capital Strategies as Cannabis Breaks New Ground

As the cannabis industry matures, companies must overcome a host of pressing challenges (regulatory, retail, supply chain, marketing, etc.), requiring them to invest heavily in human capital with requisite expertise to drive growth and innovation. Identifying the right talent – at a time when a vast, well-established, industry-specific talent pool does not exist – can […]

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