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CBD – Predicting Trends and Innovation

CBD is the one of the latest trends in the world of consumer goods, specifically when it comes to health and wellness.  Trends tend to come and go, but with smart branding, marketing and innovation companies can create a strong consumer base, gain market share and become a lasting brand and product.   In this session, […]

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CPG Lessons to the CBD Industry

The CBD Industry can learn a lot from Consumer Package Goods (CPG).  There is a ton of potential within the CBD consumer products industry, but how successful a company is depends on many factors.  Branding, innovation, messaging, benefit claims, pricing, shelf real estate and most importantly does it make sense to the consumer.  In this […]

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The FDA and CBD: What You Need To Know

Since the legalization of hemp a year ago, we have seen an explosive growth in hemp production, specifically the production of hemp-derived CBD.  Today we are seeing CBD sold in food, beverages, topicals, dietary supplements, cosmetics and much more.  However, the FDA is not turning a blind eye to this new phenom and are putting […]

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