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Updates and Outlooks: Cannabis in the South

Florida’s medical market is continuing to flourish. The medical markets of Louisiana and Arkansas are just getting started. Georgia’s program is slow to be implemented. Texas continues to expand albeit with a limited medical cannabis program. Alabama could see some progress toward MMJ legalization in 2020. In this session, we will discuss how cannabis markets in the South […]

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New York, New Jersey and the East Coast Market Expansion

On the East Coast we have seen successful adult-use legalization efforts and some that have stalled.  What is the path for future expansion? You’ll get insights on: What’s next for New York and New Jersey? What can be expected from the effort by the Northeast governors to coordinate adult-use legalization efforts? What is the current […]

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What’s Next for Illinois, Michigan and the Midwest

Michigan and Illinois have both joined the legal recreational marijuana club, while other Midwestern states are working to expand and improve their medical cannabis programs.  While legal marijuana markets continue their strong growth in the Midwest, one big question is “What’s Next?” You’ll get insights on: What makes adult-use legalization in the Midwest noteworthy? Michigan […]

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