Danny Moses

Danny Moses’ career on Wall Street began in 1991 and he has viewed the markets from many different perspectives, Municipal Bond Analyst, Institutional Equities Broker/Trader, and eventually a Hedge Fund Manager. Danny has built a reputation of integrity, inquisitiveness and skepticism that has aided him during his career. The book, and later the movie, “The Big Short” chronicled a few of the people, including Danny, who saw the housing bubble forming in 2004 and figured out how to successfully navigate through and participate in one of the greatest trades in Wall Street history.

In the past few years, Danny has been focusing much of his investing on what he now refers to as “The Big Long”, cannabis. Danny serves as an advisor to KushCo (KSHB) and the majority of his cannabis investments are expressed through his interest and involvement in Merida Capital Partners.

Danny’s wide-ranging keynote at the Investor Intelligence Conference will cover topics from comparing cannabis with historical investment bubbles like “Tulip Mania” and the dot.com bust, the “macro” versus the “micro” in cannabis investing, how the industry is impacting other sectors like CPG and pharmaceuticals, and understanding the technicals that are driving the sector versus the fundamentals.