Josh Schneider

Josh is a true innovator always pushing boundaries and working to improve upon the status quo. He is CEO & Co-Founder at Cultivaris Hemp. Leading a large ornamental young plant sales, marketing and product development team early in his career gave Josh a passion for shepherding new ideas, programs and varieties to success in the marketplace. His experience founding and managing the global supply chain for the Global Breadfruit young plant tropical agricultural division of Cultivaris; his involvement in building out reliable systems for the industrial hemp market, and his years of work with ornamental plant breeders around the world have given him a strong understanding of domestic and international plant supply chains.  With 20+ years of hands-on experience in retail and wholesale international horticultural, Josh’s focus is to build on the accumulated knowledge and experience in the horticulture industry to reliably bring more quality medicinal plants – including the best hemp varieties – to farmers and growers across the country.