Judy Daniels

Dr. Judy Daniels is the Founder, Soil Scientist and Geospatial Ecologist at Soil Sage. Her current work and scientific projects include cannabis research and regenerative agriculture. She has been a professional environmental scientist since 1999, since receiving her degrees in Biology and Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.  Her areas of expertise are land use change analyses, spatial statistics, and soil regenerative health and sustainability. Her work experience includes 12 years as an Environmental Scientist, Project Manager, and Geospatial Ecologist, for both private and government entities.  Her experience also encompasses 15 years of soil and biological field research, data and laboratory analysis, and geospatial analytics.  In addition, she has over 25 years of data analysis and management experience.  She has also combined her technical and scientific skills in analyzing landslides, landscape condition assessments, and environmental reclamation projects. Dr. Judy Daniels is a United States Air Force Veteran and lives in Arvada, Colorado.