Marc Privitera

Marc has been one of the pioneers in bringing industrial hemp to northern New York. Having developed background in other states previously and seeing the agricultural entrepreneurial opportunity for the farmers and neighbors in the area, Marc has been developing grow methods and product applications that would help the economic development in the North Country. As a Principal Engineer at PreProcess Marc has been developing the triple harvest method which makes better use of the installed agricultural base in northern New York. Recognizing also that CBD is only a small part of the overall biomass from the plant, Marc and his company have been developing products using the rest of the plant. Developments include materials for energy storage devices, materials for the chemical processing industry and materials for the building industry. Marc has been a chemical engineering leader for 30 years. As an innovator, and inventor, he has developed multiple products and processes giving him eight US patents. Projects have included agricultural processing, consumer products, biofuels, rare earths, lithium, industrial hemp, and many other critical materials. He also likes to give back having taught university classes, developed topical symposia, and guiding capstone college course project teams over the years