A Unique Integrated Digital and Physical Experience To Advance The Cannabis Industry

MJBizCon 2020 - experience it!

Since 2012, the cannabis industry has gathered annually at MJBizCon to create the alliances, make the deals, secure the funding and forge the relationships that drive us to greater heights

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MJBizCon All Access

Experience every part of the in-person event and the 5-week digital experience

Ideal for Executives

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MJBizCon Digital Pro

Access every aspect of the full 5-week digital experience

Ideal for Senior Staff

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MJBizCon Digital Starter

Access to select sessions and digital experiences

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Agenda Highlights: MJBizCon Delivers The Content Every Cannabis Professional Needs To Succeed In 2021

Cultivators, Processors & Retailers
  • Trends, tech & innovation in plant-touching sectors
  • Focused roundtable discussions
  • Demos of products and services to improve operations


Global Professionals
  • Deep dives on European, LATAM and Canadian markets
  • Increase global supplier and partner networks


Scientists & Researchers
  • Finding product development and formulation stability
  • Nomenclature workshop
  • Maintaining integrity in a competitive landscape


Industry Newcomers
  • The best way to see and understand the whole industry
  • Meet and learn from more people than anywhere else
Hemp & CBD Industry Professionals
  • Sessions covering latest regulations and legal landscape
  • CBD retail sector deep dive with peers
  • New cultivation strategies, products and services


Investors & Private Equity
  • Risk evaluation tips for 2021
  • Applying lessons from the DotCom era
  • Pitch sessions


C-Suite Executives & Founders
  • Discover how the election could impact your business
  • State by State and National insights and trends
  • Meet new partners, investors and industry luminaries

Expo! Experience 100s Of New Products and Services – Online Or In-Person


MJBizCon 2020 - Expo Halls


  • Get demos, chat with CEOs, and compare vendors
  • Discover leading vendors in the fields of cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, testing, packaging, science and research, banking and education
  • Explore the in-person expo hall in Las Vegas or the innovative product and service showcases online
  • Enjoy the energy of walking the aisles or the uninterrupted conversations of scheduled online appointments

Looking to exhibit or showcase your company at MJBizCon?

Meet the Partners, Allies, Investors, Vendors and Experts You Need to Thrive in 2021.

  • Online roundtables and discussion groups for specific industry groups
  • Online networking events
  • In-person meetings on the expo hall floor
  • AI-matchmaking helps find and connect you with those who can benefit your business
  • Request private online 1:1 meetings and consultations
  • Chat with other attendees in the digital Communication Hub
  • Dedicated subject-level chat channels
  • Q&A with speakers
The cannabis culture has always been around social connection. MJBizCon gives you a time and place where you know you will meet who you need to meet - every event you leave knowing you are part of something bigger than you originally thought!
- Dr. Av Singh , Greenstar Plant Products

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