Canada Market Passholder Day Forum

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  • How profitable 2021 may be
  • Why micro-businesses may succeed more easily
  • What global companies are there for Canadian companies

If you are doing business in Canada, or considering launching or investing there, these sessions will help you. See full Forum session details below.

Canada Market Passholder Day Session Details

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20 Minutes

Canada in 2020

The Canadian market has seen steady growth since the nation legalized cannabis in 2018,mostly meeting or exceeding reasonable forecasts. The largest businesses, however, have mostly failed to meet expectations. Though 2020 has been marked by losses, layoffs and leadership changes, there are positive signs the industry is maturing and realizing its potential. In this session, you will learn:

  • How Canadian producers and retailers have dealt with the global economic strain
  • How provinces across Canada are expanding retail locations
  • How producers are pivoting towards a more consumer-based approach to their operations
  • How irrational domestic buildouts and global expansion plans costed the largest producers


40 Minutes

March of the Micros: How Small Producers Can Succeed Where Large Producers Failed

Large, licensed producers in Canada generated most of the buzz and attracted most of the capital in recent years. But two years in, many of the larger producers have not lived up to expectations. Now that Health Canada is licensing many micro-class producers, which come with lower startup costs, the question needs to be asked: Will these lean operations eat into the market share of the large producers? In this session, you will learn:

  • How small producers can take advantage of the lessons learned by the larger LP’s
  • The costs and considerations when applying for a micro license
  • Barriers to creating a micro license start up


40 Minutes

Global Cannabis: Where are the Opportunities and When Will They be Profitable?

Between 2018 and 2019, Canadian cannabis LP’s spent tons of money expanding their operations to all corners of the globe, including, Europe, Latin America and southern Africa. Few of those investments have borne fruit, but that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. There is still opportunity overseas for businesses with a more calculated approach. Where, and when, will they generate meaningful revenue? In this session, you will learn:

  • Regulatory developments in Europe, Latin America and Africa
  • The realistic expectations for generating revenue on other continents
  • How capital can be deployed strategically when expanding


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