How it got started & who’s behind it

Back when MJBizDaily first launched, there was no national trade show for cannabis.

Our editors felt the industry needed a way to come together as a business community, hear about the latest advances and network in person. So, in 2012, we made history by launching MJBizCon, the industry’s very first national trade show.

Since then, MJBizCon has continued to set industry-wide attendance records. It’s by far the world’s largest gathering of executives and exhibitors each and every season. Shows in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 completely SOLD OUT.

The show continues to be curated by the editors of MJBizDaily, the industry’s most trusted professional news service. That may be why MJBizCon’s content is unusually strong and our attendance numbers continue to break records year after year.

What’s the difference between the Spring and Fall shows

The Fall show launched first, in November 2012 in order for executives to get together right after the elections.

As the industry began explosive change and growth, we realized the business community couldn’t wait an entire year for the next national event. (In fact MJBizDaily editors refer to six months as a ‘cannabis year.’) So, we added an annual Spring show in 2014.

The fall show is held in Las Vegas every November. 10,880 cannabis-related executives and financiers attended the 2016 show, making it by far the largest professional cannabis event in history.

The spring show is held in a different eastern or central city each year. 3,500 professionals attended in 2017, making it by far the largest industry event of the first half of the year.

Both shows:

  • Are national in scope with attendees from all 50 states, plus more than a dozen countries
  • Feature different speakers and sessions
  • Offer large Expo floors, packed with hundreds of exhibitors.
  • Are attended by businesspeople and investors. (The general public is not invited to these business-focused events.)
  • Are the best networking forums you’ve ever encountered

Who attends MJBizCon

In May 2017, 3,500 attendees from all 50 states and more than a dozen nations (including a large Canadian contingent) were present. Attendees included:

  • Mid-large wholesale growers
  • Dispensaries and recreational retailers
  • Infused product makers
  • Ancillary companies ranging from grow technology to legal services
  • Angels and VCs investing in privately-held firms

In November 2017, we expect 14,000 attendees and over 650 exhibitors.

The Show Itself: Sessions & Expo

Example Show Guide PDF

It can be hard to comprehend just how large and packed MJBizCon is until you experience one for yourself. However, this past official Show Guide PDF can give you a feeling for it.

Click here to download a PDF copy of MJBizCon Spring 2017 Show Guide, including details on 300+ past exhibitors offering professional goods and services to the cannabis industry.

Session recordings

Sorry, MJBizCon sessions are *not* recorded for the purposes of distribution or public viewing. Past show recordings are not made available. In part this is because the industry is moving quickly, so you need to attend the current show to get the latest information. Also, much of the value in attending the show is in simply being there – networking with your fellow session attendees and meeting speakers in person.

Please note: Attendees are not allowed to make their own recordings of sessions as neither the speakers nor your fellow attendees have given formal permission for that.

Speaker selection

For a full FAQ on speaking, click here.

Unlike many other shows, MJBizCon does not allow ‘pay for play’ (the practice of offering speaking gigs based on paid sponsorship.) MJBizDaily’s editorial team selects all speakers without reference to who is exhibiting and/or sponsoring. This separation between content and sponsors is a core pillar of our business philosophy and we do not deviate from it.

We give strong preference to leaders working directly in plant-touching sides of the industry, including:

  • Dispensaries and rec shops
  • Cultivation operations (especially large scale)
  • Infused product companies

We also look to feature speakers who reflect the diversity of our industry, including all races, genders, levels of experience and locations. Our attendees come from all 50 states and a dozen countries after all.

All presentations are new and exclusive to MJBizCon. You won’t see tired content or the same old/same old speech from other conferences. You also won’t hear sales pitches from the podium as speakers are strictly forbidden to be self-promotional.


Additional private parties and off-site events are held in coordination with the show. You can see a list of officially authorized, show partner events here. Please note: as the official Fall host location, the Las Vegas Convention Center is authorized to turn down any gatherings that are not officially recognized by MJBizCon. To apply for recognition, go here.

Bringing your own brochures and/or samples

In a word, don’t. You may bring business cards, but that’s it.

Exhibitors and sponsors, whose backing make the show possible, are the only ones allowed to bring brochures and (non-THC) samples.

Solicitation of products and services, and distribution of literature/samples, is strictly limited to exhibitors within their designated booth space.

Attendees engaging in such activity risk removal from the event without refund.


Also a no. No one aside from official MJBizCon personnel, and authorized press accompanied by an MJBizDaily PR rep, are allowed to make videos of any part of the show, including the exhibit hall and sessions.

Attendees engaging in unauthorized videography risk removal from the event without refund.


Session photography is not permitted without a formal Press Pass issued by event organizers. Failure to respect this rule will result in revocation of event access, without refund.

By attending, you acknowledge that your image may be captured on video or in photos taken on behalf of the event organizers, MJBizDaily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. You further provide event organizers the right to use candid group photos or videos without securing additional permission, provided those images are not accompanied by further personally-identifying information. Out of respect for your privacy, we will seek permission prior to identifying the image’s participants in captions or other ways.

Cannabis consumption policy

With the unique challenges and undeniable scrutiny of a marijuana-focused trade show, the use, distribution, or sale of any products containing THC is strictly prohibited at the event, in the exhibit hall, conference sessions, or any other function space where the event is conducted.

Any individual who possesses, transports, or consumes any THC-based products is solely responsible for his/her compliance with local and state regulations.

Registration questions

Show badges

All participants must present valid photo ID matching the registration in order to pick up their badge. Pre-registered attendee badge pick-up lines are often shorter and quicker – so pre-registration is worthwhile.

All MJBizCon participants must have their official show badge visible on their front torso at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule for any participant.

This rule will be enforced at all official Conference functions. Any participant without a badge will be escorted to the registration area until their badge can be located or replaced.

Replacement badges are available for a $50 reprint fee. The participant must show a photo ID matching the registration. The original badge will be deactivated. The participant may need to wait in line for a reprint, and risk missing key conference activities while the reprint is processed.

Due to these rules, we strongly recommend all participants keep their badges on the provided lanyard around their neck at all times.

Remember: No Badge = No Fun!

Exchange & cancellation policy

Those wishing to modify a registration for any reason must contact MJBizDaily customer service. Customer Service may be reached at [email protected] (401) 354-7555 x1.

REFUNDS: There are NO REFUNDS within 30 days of any MJBizCon show or event except for documented bereavement, military leave or medical leave. There will be a $50 cancellation or change fee for all registrations prior to the 30 day cutoff date.

NAME CHANGES/TRANSFERS: Additionally, there will be no name changes or transfers allowed to a registration within 14 days of the conference, expo, or event. Any name changes prior to the 14 day cut-off will incur a $50 fee.

ON SITE: No modifications or changes, other than an Exhibits Only registration upgrade (when available), will be done at an on-site registration location unless specifically advertised by MJBizCon.

Press passes

A limited number of press passes are available for approved, accredited members of the press. Please apply for a pass as early as possible via this form.

No sales of any kind will be allowed. Sessions may not be filmed or recorded. Filming or live shots on the property may be subject to prior approval by the hotel.

  • Only working members of the press such as journalists and camera-people may qualify. Publishers, sales, business development, upper management, audience development, etc. do not qualify.
  • Passes will not be given to those intending to film exhibitors for promotional purposes.
  • Passes are limited to no more than one person or one videography team per news outlet.
  • National news, national business press, and national and local broadcast media are first in line for passes when availability is limited due to reasons of space.

Registration options

We strongly recommend pre-registration for three reasons:

  1. Savings – various discounted registrations are available
  2. Guaranteed Place – MJBizCon has completely sold out and turned away would-be attendees at the door many times, including in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Even if you can get into the show, we cannot guarantee space in all of the various add-on events and workshops.
  3. (Slightly) Shorter Lines – Reality is, there’s always a crush at registration to pick up badges on the first day of the show. (It’s inevitable with thousands of people all showing up at the same place at roughly the same time.) You can avoid the worst of the lines, though, by pre-registering.