Advance the Global Cannabis Industry by Joining MJBizCon Week

As a well-respected non-profit or association helping to move the cannabis industry forward, we want you to participate in MJBizCon’s Associations Day program.

This program gives your members an opportunity to participate in the world’s largest and most influential cannabis conference at significantly discounted rates, allowing your organizational leadership to hold meetings or planning sessions on-site at the conference, and the platform to convey your mission and informative content to thousands of MJBizCon attendees.

Whether you’re advocating for legal reform, creating a platform for business connectivity on a regional, state, or national level; focused on social justice topics; championing environmental responsibility in cultivation; or guiding discussions around responsible cannabis use in medicinal or adult use markets; you are striving for goals that propel the cannabis industry forward.

MJBizCon brings together professionals from every corner of the industry. It is the center of commerce for the global cannabis markets and we can only make great forward movement if we do it together. So, we encourage you to join us at the MJBizCon Associations Day on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. This program will be part of the official MJBizCon Week in Las Vegas and held on-site during MJBizCon in the Las Vegas Convention Center. From 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. you’ll get access to your own meeting space to hold board meetings, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. you’ll be able to educate existing members and meet prospective members through your own association programming, and then from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. you will join all participating associations and MJBizCon attendees for an exclusive reception.

We invite all cannabis associations to join MJBizCon to drive the industry forward. Complete the application below for consideration.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 10

TIME:  8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

WHERE: Las Vegas Convention Center


  • Significantly discounted MJBizCon passes for all your members
  • Access to private meeting space to host board meetings and present programming to members
  • Visibility to MJBizCon attendees to network and promote your association
  • Complimentary lead retrieval device to collect information from your participants
  • Recognized as an official participating organization in MJBizCon Week



  • Need to be an active non-profit organization or association in the cannabis space.
  • Provide proof of a membership of at least 100 or more members and have a board of a minimum of 5 seats.
  • Rooms are offered on a first come first serve basis.  While Associations may use the room for a private board or member meeting in the morning, you must provide content open to registered MJBizCon attendees in the afternoon that relates to your association goals or mission.
  • Cost of participation is FREE. Any room enhancements, such as audio visual or food & beverage are an additional cost to be coordinated by the Association. MJBizCon will provide seating and chairs inside the room and signage outside the room. Associations may sell approved sponsorships inside the room to help cover any costs that may be incurred. Sponsors acquired by an association may not conflict with any existing contracts between MJBizCon and MJBizCon sponsors. All sponsors must adhere to MJBizCon and LVCC rules and stated policies and support an overall atmosphere of professionalism at all times.