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  • A fresh look at testing standards
  • Product development and formulation stability
  • Maintaining integrity in competitive situations

If you are involved in the scientific cannabis community, these sessions will provide you with the latest thinking from your peers. See full Forum agenda below.)

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Science Symposium Session Details: 24th November

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25 Minutes

The State of Cannabis Science

Progression in cannabis science continues and the industry has pushed forward through all the obstacles that this year has brought. In this session, you will hear about updates in method standardization, quality, research and more from Emerald Scientific President, Wes Burk.

45 Minutes

Microbial Testing: A Review of the Fitness of Methods

For the last century, traditional cultural methods have been the “gold standard” for microbiological analysis.  For the cannabis industry, however, national harmonized culture methods do not exist, so laboratories have established molecular technologies as the foundation for testing for microbial contaminants.  The question remains though, which type of method (cultural or molecular) is better for this industry?  This presentation will discuss the evolution of microbiology analysis, the pros and cons of cultural and molecular applications, and how end users can ensure their methods are fit for purpose.

40 Minutes

Maintaining Integrity in an Increasingly Competitive Landscape

As the cannabis industry grows, the competition in each vertical will grow as well. This is especially true in testing labs where unethical practices have emerged as a way to gain a leg up on others. In a nascent industry such as cannabis, consumer trust and public image is extremely important to the success of not only your business, but the industry as a whole. In this session, we will take a look at what steps testing labs are taking to ensure quality and public trust in cannabis products.

40 Minutes

Finding Stability in Product Development and Formulation

Formulating efficacious cannabis infused products that deliver on brand messaging is critical. What are you trying to make, how do you want the consumer to feel, and how do you deliver on that over time. This is a discussion on multitude of factors to consider during formulation when bringing products from benchtop to commercialization.

50 Minutes

Nomenclature Workshop

This year’s nomenclature workshop is designed to build on the work accomplished during the 2020 Quality Summit at the Emerald Conference. The first workshop’s outcome was to elaborate a Top-Down hierarchy framework of nomenclature, where cannabis and hemp products could be classified.  The framework and proposed definitions for terminology were discussed and polled with a diverse quorum of industry stakeholders, scientific experts, and market experts. The previous workshop generated a white paper, which will be summarized during the first part of this upcoming talk. The second half of the program will highlight efforts other organizations are spearheading to help address standardization across the cannabinoid landscape.

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