[Video] Rising Tides

Industry Giveback

As a business-focused media organization, we’re quite familiar with the saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” It refers to the idea that a strong and growing industry benefits everyone in that industry.

It’s the premise behind our Industry Giveback program – in which we actually give away money.  It is a way for us to directly offer resources and opportunities to boost the voices of organizations working to develop a strong and responsible cannabis industry.

One of the core principles of the Giveback program is this idea:

“The best way to further the conversation of cannabis as an industry in the United States is to further develop and sustain the act of commerce which helps build the economy and overall quality of life of those regions and individuals which the industry serves.”

In other words, a rising tide lifts all boats.

And it all begins with seizing an opportunity. The founders of MJBizDaily saw an opportunity with the cannabis industry in 2007, and that opportunity has continued to multiply. At a very fundamental level to this company, we are grateful for the chance. And so we pay it forward.

The not-for-profit organizations featured here are some of the recipients of the Giveback Program in 2017. They exemplify this shared dedication to moving the cannabis industry forward, each in their own way – and they’ve put the funds to work.

These videos, which debuted at MJBizCon 2018, offer a glimpse into the hard work of several of these organizations, and the ripple effect that happens when we all pay it forward, create opportunities, and work towards a common goal.

If you know of an organization doing excellent work to create a stronger cannabis industry, encourage them to apply for the MJBizDaily Industry Giveback program. [Note: 2018 applications close Nov. 26.]


Sustainability and Community Development

From green initiatives to responsible use and behavior, the evolving cannabis industry has a critical opportunity to set positive guidelines that will impact decades of business standards.

2018 Featured recipients:

Cannabis Certification Council, Hemp Industries Association, Resource Innovation Institute


Professional Development and Inclusion

The MJBizDaily philosophy is that the more inclusive the industry becomes, the stronger it will be today and in the future.

2018 Featured Recipient:

Minority Cannabis Business Association


Legal Advocacy

Legal advocacy is a key pillar in this developing industry. MJBizDaily supports a variety of efforts and provides fact-based discussions around legalization to avoid confusion that risks the slow development of the industry’s growth.

2018 Featured Recipients:

National Cannabis Bar Association, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Cannabis Trade Federation