“Every year I have been able to add at least one technological advancement to our company that we were introduced to here.”
   — Steve Cottrell, o.penVAPE

Unlike other shows, MJBizCon’s Expo Hall is packed with executives and investors only. (You will not see any glass blowers, members of the general public or cannabis sampling.) The goal: to springboard relationships between business partners.

You will be invited to:

  • Explore the latest technologies including cultivation systems, extraction equipment, and business software/apps
  • Meet with cannabis-specialty professionals such as legal advisors, accountants, and retail consultants
  • Discover banking replacement solutions
  • Research a full spectrum of security solutions
  • Examine greenhouse construction, systems and supplies including the latest lights and fertilizers

In total, you will be able to network with more than 250 vendors. This level of exploration takes time – that’s why the Expo is open three days. It’s also why you get a hot lunch right on the Expo Floor, so you can continue networking while eating.

“It’s a chance to meet all of the major players all under one roof”
   — Joel Munson, The Realm of Caring

Note: Exhibits to MJBizCon events always sell out ahead of time. If you are interested in exhibiting, please click here to learn more. Please note, we may not have space for you despite the large size of our exhibit halls.