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This hands down is the must attend conference of the year if you are serious about the industry. Trust me, I’ve attended them all at some point – but this one is the one I won’t miss.

- Attendee from Colorado

The conference is so valuable because it gets everyone in the industry to meet new people in the industry or just shore up relationships that are already going. It also lets you see everything that is in the industry from grow rooms, lights, extractors, and so on.

- Attendee from Florida

They put much more time into planning the workshops and presentations than other conferences I have attended.

- Attendee from Alaska

This is my 5th MJBizCon that I have attended. This industry is moving very fast and each year the game has been stepped up. Every year I have been able to add at least one new technological advancement to our company that we were introduced to at this meeting.

- Attendee from Arizona

It’s fantastic for already established businesses to further their knowledge on the new technology and the advances of scientific research in the field that can directly impact current operations for the better

- Attendee from Illinois