Meet 1,000+ exhibitors
  • Greenhouse/ Facility Design
  • Humidity control/HVAC
  • Automation
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Nutrients
  • Harvest equipment

Connect with cultivators from across the U.S. & Canada

On the Expo floor, at the cultivation sessions, during the early evening networking events – as well as the official ‘after hours’ events – you’ll meet pros just like yourself.

Attendees form new partnerships, find financial backers, trade war stories and make lifetime friendships.

“I am most looking forward to MJBizCon because the industry is moving so fast and I want to stay connected.”

Jesce Horton

Attend new cultivation-related sessions

Small-scale growers, large-scale cultivators and the operators in between can all expect in-depth content exploring the challenges of cannabis cultivation and how others in the field are working to stay ahead in this dynamic industry. At MJBizCon, you can expect to learn from experts in cultivation, network with other growers from across North America and explore the newest technology being employed in commercial grows.

From the Ground Up: Launching a Cannabis Cultivation Operation

Launching a cultivation business is a process that requires many crucial considerations before you even break ground. Understanding who your customers are and what you want to achieve in your grow is paramount to being successful. In this session, we’ll look at the process of launching a cannabis cultivation operation and provide those entering the market with the basics needed to get started. We’ll also highlight pitfalls that can be avoided as your build your cannabis grow.

Creating Solutions: How Experimentation and Automation Can Improve Efficiencies in Your Grow

Cultivation is a labor-intensive process that operators understand all too well. To cut down on labor and costs, cannabis operators have begun introducing technology and processes adopted from traditional agriculture and horticulture. In this session, we will explore ways that cultivators today are maximizing efficiency in their grows by implementing new technology and experimenting with different techniques to expedite certain processes.

Operation Green: Environmental and Sustainability Practices

Sustainability. You hear about it. You read about it. What does it even mean?

Cannabis operators have developed a reputation for not being as green as the plants and products they grow. Why is this important for current and future business operations? How can businesses take the initiative – big or small – to implement sustainable cannabis operations and increase profit margins? This session will discuss the reality of sustainability and environmental business impacts across the cannabis supply chain as well as what cannabis operators can do to address them.

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