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  • Greenhouse/ Facility Design
  • Humidity control/HVAC
  • Automation
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Nutrients
  • Harvest equipment

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Connect with cultivators from across the world.

On the Expo floor, at the cultivation sessions, special ‘cultivator’ meet-ups on the expo floor, during the early evening networking events – as well as the official ‘after hours’ events – you’ll meet pros just like yourself.

Attendees form new partnerships, find financial backers, trade war stories and make lifetime friendships.

“I am most looking forward to MJBizCon because the industry is moving so fast and I want to stay connected.”

Jesce Horton

Attend new cultivation-related sessions

Cultivators from large and small operations all need to be in the know about the latest and greatest when it comes to cannabis cultivation. This year at MJBizCon, we are getting our hands dirty with some of the industry’s best North American cultivators.  They’ll bring the data, strategies, and operational tactics you can use to optimize your grow operations from the ground up.  Meet, learn and network with some of the brightest in the industry.

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