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Connect with manufacturers from across the U.S. & Canada

On the Expo floor, at the Manufacturer sessions, during the early evening networking events – as well as the official ‘after hours’ events – you’ll meet manufacturing pros just like yourself.

Attendees form new partnerships, find financial backers, trade war stories and make lifetime friendships.

“I’m most looking forward to MJBizCon this October because there has been a lot of innovation that has taken place during the pandemic, and I can’t wait to see it.”

Mara Gordon
Aunt Zelda’s™

Attend new manufacturer-related sessions

Product manufacturers of all sizes can expect to attend in-depth sessions covering the future of cannabis-derivative products and how operators are maximizing output and reducing costs at their facilities. At MJBizCon, you can expect to meet experts in cannabis processing and learn how they are continuing to innovate and push manufacturing to new heights.

From the Ground Up: Launching a Cannabis Manufacturing Operation

Launching a venture in the cannabis manufacturing and processing space requires a lot of consideration and planning prior to building out your facility. In this session, we’ll look at the process of launching a cannabis processing or manufacturing company and provide those entering the market with the basic tools they need to get started. Plus, learn how to recognize pitfalls that can be avoided as your build your facility.

Developing the Cannabis Products of the Future

Legal cannabis is one of the largest growing consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors, and with this growth comes increased consumer demand for a wide range of products. Formulating and manufacturing these products is contingent on identifying the key drivers of innovation in the sector and using data to influence the product development cycle from end to end. This session will explore trends in the current CPG landscape and expand on the role of data in how these products will be developed in the future.

Forging Ahead: How GMP Certification is Imperative to Pushing the Industry Forward

Optimism for major cannabis reform at the federal level is higher than it has ever been, but with this progress come crucial considerations for how change will inevitably affect cannabis producers and manufacturers. As cannabis becomes a more mainstream product, traditional manufacturing procedures and protocols will be adopted, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification will become an absolute necessity. This session will provide attendees with a look at the actual costs and steps needed to implement GMP compliance in cannabis manufacturing facilities.

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