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Development & Delivery: Science and New Technologies to Enhance Product Performance

The process of developing high-quality, effective and consistent cannabis products for medicinal and recreational applications is a complicated one from the beginning concept to the end product. This session will examine how active ingredients are extracted from the plant biomass to create the ideal product. It will address how the concepts of biorelevance, bioactivity and […]

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Emerging Trends in Cannabis Science: Plant Molecular Breeding

Modern genome tools and emerging plant-science methods are revolutionizing cannabis domestication, transforming the industry from backyard grows to predictive breeding and precision agriculture. This session will explore how molecular breeding and plant genomics can create high-performance hybrid cannabis seed varieties to produce plants that are optimized for specific medical, health and wellness applications. You’ll get insights […]

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Growing Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis

There is a clear delineation between medical and recreational cannabis, but few people know what is required to produce pharmaceutically viable cannabis for clinical trials and research programs. This session will explore the key inputs pharmaceutical institutions are seeing when they engage in prospective clinical trials, including the importance of having the correct infrastructure, genetic […]

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