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The Tax Man Cometh: Tips and Tricks for Lowering Your Bill

Cannabis businesses are known for paying exorbitant tax rates, and chances are you may be paying more than is necessary. To lower your bill, you’ll need to manage mistakes and have a better understanding of Section 280E of the IRS tax code. In this session, you’ll get insights on: Strategies for structuring your business, recordkeeping […]

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Cannabis Banking: A Look at Promising Legislation and What to Do Until Then

In a historic vote this past September, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the SAFE Banking Act for cannabis businesses. The bill’s prospects are less certain in the Senate. In the meantime, cannabis business owners will need to understand what steps they can take in the current banking regulatory environment. In this session, you’ll get […]

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Finding the Right Investor for You

With the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry and outside capital pouring into the sector, how do you find the right investor to help expand your business? In this session you’ll hear from experts on how to  find the right investors and settle on the best capital-raising strategy. In this session, you’ll get insights on: […]

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