Kristie Mallow

Kristie Mallow worked to normalize cannabis use among corporate professionals in an effort to promote removing cannabis stigma and as a result was instrumental in that employer removing pre employment screening for cannabis use. Kristie is now the founder of Farm to Market Hemp and is using her abilities to help assist her friends and other farmers now navigating new licensing programs and helping them avoid scamming buyers false promises. Recently, Kristie joined InfuSeed where she is working to create new market opportunities for patented medical cannabis technologies and cannabinoid products brought to the United States from Israel while her team in Texas begins their first legal planting season to fulfill an order for 250,000 acres of industrial hemp fiber for use in local manufacturing for plastics, fabric and pursues a coal replacement project. Kristie has experience in real estate and teaching. With the legalization of Cannabis in Colorado she pursued work within the industry and became a founding member of the International Church of Cannabis.