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Penn Jillette

Libertarian, Author, Entertainer

Juliet Funt

WhiteSpace at Work

Chris Walsh

Editorial Director
Marijuana Business Daily
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Charles Bachtell

CEO & Co-founder – Cresco Labs

Sara Batterby

President & CEO – Hifi Farms
As CEO of Hifi Farms, a cannabis cultivation company in Oregon, Sara’s priorities are diversity, sustainability and organics. Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Sara co-founded an angel fund in Silicon Valley with the goal of helping investors understand the powerful business case for investing in female entrepreneurs. She was also Founding Chair of the Portland Chapter of Women Grow.

Julie Berliner

Founder & CEO – Sweet Grass Kitchen
Julie founded Sweet Grass Kitchen, an infused products company in Colorado, in 2009 after graduating college. She built her medical marijuana business for five years before transitioning to serve the recreational cannabis market as well when Colorado launched its adult-use industry in 2014. Her infused baked goods are distributed to over 500 dispensaries and rec stores in Colorado.

Roy Bingham

CEO & Co-founder – BDS Analytics
Roy started BDS Analytics to collect, process and present point-of-sale market share data for the cannabis industry. He is a Harvard MBA, former McKinsey data consultant, and a former executive with RenewLife. Roy was an early investor in a data analytics company for the natural products industry and later became one of its executives.

John Bizarre

Host & Producer – V2 Productions
John is an Opinion Analyst who has appeared on “The Tonight Show,” “The District,” “The Drew Carey Show” and many other TV shows and commercials on Showtime, A&E, MTV and Comedy Central. He is the author of two books - "Giving You the Stink Eye" and "It So Doesn't Suck to Be You" – and the director of three films. He also continues to write a popular biweekly blog.

Paul Bohannon

CEO – Honu
After driving an internet company in the “dot com” era through an IPO and acquisition by United Airlines, Paul engaged his family to start Honu, a large cannabis processor in Washington State. He works closely with his buyers to identify and source quality product. Paul also leverages his startup experience to help other farms/processors develop successful plans to help them thrive as the industry evolves and matures.

Shivawn Brady

CEO – Seva Crop Consulting
Shivawn is an entrepreneur, master cultivator and cannabis production expert. Previously SPARC and Peace in Medicine’s Northern California Regional Production Manager, her unique expertise has led cannabis growers, business owners and investors in making practical business decisions for over a decade. Seva’s team provides consulting services in North America and Hawaii specializing in greenhouse management, staffing solutions, license applications and departmental development.

Greta Carter

President – The GCAR Companies
A former VP in the banking industry, Greta is a serial marijuana entrepreneur and political activist, having founded several companies in Washington State including a dispensary, the Cannabis Training Institute and The HOPE Clinics. She also founded the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE) and the state-licensed cannabis cultivation company, Life Gardens. Greta has interests in marijuana businesses in Nevada, Alaska and has recently relocated to Desert Hot Springs, California.

Alex Cooley

Founder – Solstice
Alex created one of the first fully permitted cannabis production facilities in Washington in 2012. Solstice focuses on cultivating high-quality, award-winning marijuana for the medical and recreational markets. Previously, he helped create the collective garden model of safe, legal access to medical cannabis for patients in Washington. Alex uses environmentally responsible practices, serves as an adviser to Washington State, and continues to advocate for patients’ rights.

Tim Cullen

CEO & Co-owner – Colorado Harvest Company
Colorado Harvest Company, founded in 2009, has three cannabis centers serving retail and medical customers. Tim is also a partner in cannabis oil production company Organa Labs and the national personal vaporizer brand O.penVAPE. A botany expert, Tim spent 10 years teaching high school biology before he turned to cultivating cannabis.

Troy Dayton

CEO – The Arcview Group
Troy is the Co-founder of cannabis investment and research firm, The Arcview Group. The Arcview Group created the Arcview Investor Network where more than 500 high net-worth investors have pumped more than $76 million into 121 cannabis-related ventures and raised more than $1.1M for the legalization effort.

Andrew DeAngelo

COO – Harborside Health Center
Andrew oversees the daily functions and business development of Harborside Health Center in California, one of the largest medical cannabis operations in the nation. He has been an activist in the medical cannabis reform movement for over 25 years. His passion for medical cannabis culminated when he co-starred with his brother Steve in the groundbreaking series “Weed Wars” on the Discovery Channel in December 2011.

Cassandra Farrington

CEO & Co-founder – Marijuana Business Daily
Cassandra heads up the industry-leading daily news website Marijuana Business Daily and its family of content resources for the B2B cannabis marketplace, including two national conferences. Previously a Vice President at Citi, she earned her MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

Anthony Franciosi

Founder – Honest Marijuana Co
Anthony worked as a landscaper for more than a decade before putting his cultivation skills to use in the marijuana industry in 2008, when he moved to Colorado and became a cannabis grower. In 2015, he founded Honest Marijuana Company, an all-natural cannabis cultivator.

Juliet Funt

CEO – WhiteSpace at Work
Juliet is a force for change in organizations around the world, helping them find their “white space,” recharge their people and reclaim their passion for work. WhiteSpace at Work helps organizations, their leaders and employees flip the norms of business in order to reclaim their creativity, productivity and engagement. As a busy corporate speaker and consultant, business owner, wife, and mother, Juliet practices on a daily basis the WhiteSpace concept she shares with clients.

Matthew Gaboury

Vice President – Cultivar
Matt is a founding partner of the medicinal and recreational cannabis production/processing company Cultivar Farms, as well as the founding partner of the marijuana-centric design firm Calyx King. Matt has combined his careers in architecture and horticulture to focus particularly on the design of industrial-scale cultivation/processing operations that emphasize sustainability and efficiency.

Tony Gallo

Managing Partner – Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Dean Guske

Owner – Guske & Company
Dean has nearly 30 years of experience as a CPA. He is licensed in Washington State and Oregon, and his firm helps 300 cannabis businesses in numerous states develop tax strategies and best practices.

Daniel Gustafik

President – Hybrid Tech
In 1997, Daniel designed and built his first cannabis facility. As the founder of Hybrid Tech, he and his design team have completed over 90 cannabis projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. Daniel has 12 years of controlled environment agriculture design experience and has spent two decades working on marijuana production facilities, industrial power & controls, clean rooms and server centers.

Frank Hawkins, Jr

Owner – Nevada Wellness Center
Frank entered the cannabis space by opening the only African American-owned dispensary in Nevada and one of the first in Las Vegas. A former professional football player with the Oakland Raiders, Frank became the first African American ever elected to the Las Vegas City Council in the early 1990s. He also serves as Executive Director of the Community Development Program Center of Nevada, a non-profit that builds low-income houses.

Kathleen Hokanson

CEO & President – Koan Energy Consultants
Kathleen and her team offer sustainable energy management planning, financial cost controls and environmental impact mitigation strategies for indoor cannabis cultivation. Since 2001 she has provided sustainable energy and demand-side management, and emergency energy preparedness strategy development for multi-site real estate of Fortune 100” clients. She is also a board member of the International Cannabis Standards Board as a North American cannabis energy market expert.

Jesce Horton

Founder – Panacea Valley Gardens
Jesce owns the medical cannabis cultivation company Panacea Valley Gardens and co-founded Panacea dispensary, both located in Oregon. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and sits on numerous state and city appointed committees. Currently, he is developing Saints Cannabis, a vertically-integrated cannabis campus. Previously Jesce worked nearly seven years at Siemens USA holding positions in various roles including sales, finance, field service engineering and global strategy.

Wanda L. James

CEO – Simply Pure Dispensary
In addition to Simply Pure, Wanda is the managing partner at the Cannabis Global Initiative (CGI). The company is dedicated to message development surrounding the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. She and her husband were the first African Americans licensed to own a medical marijuana dispensary and an edibles company in Colorado.

Penn Jillette

Libertarian, Author, Entertainer
Penn is a cultural phenomenon as a solo personality and as half of the world-famous Emmy Award-winning magic duo and Las Vegas headliners Penn & Teller. He cohosted the controversial Showtime series “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!,” which was nominated for sixteen Emmy Awards and was the longest-running show in the history of the network. He currently co-hosts the hit competition series “Penn & Teller: Fool Us!” Penn has authored several books and hosts the weekly podcast “Penn’s Sunday School.”

Rob Kampia

Executive Director – Marijuana Policy Project
Rob is the Co-founder of the Marijuana Policy Project, founded in 1995, which has been a key force behind successful marijuana legalization measures in many states. He was valedictorian of his high-school class; served three months in jail for marijuana; was elected student body president of Penn State; and graduated with honors in Engineering Science from Penn State.

Kris Krane

President – 4Front Ventures
Kris serves as a Principal and Managing Partner at 4Front Advisors, a medical marijuana dispensary consulting firm dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of operations in the industry, and as President of 4Front Ventures, a holding company dedicated to professionalizing the cannabis industry. He has dedicated his career to reforming the nation’s failed and misguided drug policies.

Kyle Kushman

CEO & Cultivation Expert – Kyle Kushman Brands & Vegamatrix
Kyle, a 30-year veteran of organic cannabis cultivation, is an internationally renowned marijuana cultivator whose collaborations have earned 13 Medical Cannabis Cups awards, including three US Cannabis Cups for Best Flowers. Kyle’s free information and resources have helped countless marijuana growers and patients. As the creator of Vegamatrix, a line of vegan and organic nutrients designed for cannabis, Kyle focuses helping growers who want to cultivate pure, clean medicine.

James Lowe

Co-founder & President of Cultivation – MJardin
James has spent most of his professional career focused on the cultivation of cannabis and has been involved with Colorado’s medical marijuana industry from its inception. He has overseen the design, construction and/or management of over 75 commercial cannabis facilities ranging in size from 3,000 square feet to 8 acres. To date, MJardin has produced over 125,000 pounds of finished product and has clients across 10 states.

Jim Makoso

Co-founder & Vice President – Lucid Labs
In 2015, Jim founded Lucid Labs, an essential oil extraction and refinery business focused on cannabis processing using a scientific approach. He was one of the original investors and later Vice President of the vaporizer company Vuber Technologies. Previously, Jim served as a licensed finance and investment professional in New York and Miami at several investment banks and brokerage firms.

Shabnam Malek

Partner – Brand & Branch LLP
Shabnam co-founded Brand & Branch LLP, launched the Bay Area Chapter of Women Grow and founded the National Cannabis Bar Association with several colleagues, where she also serves as President. She currently advises clients on intellectual property matters and domestic and worldwide expansion strategies, with a focus on trademarks and branding. Her background includes intellectual property litigation, trademark transactions and prosecution, privacy and gaming law.

Amy Margolis

Owner & Attorney – Margolis Legal
Amy’s primary practice areas are licensing, compliance and regulatory work at Margolis Legal, a full-service cannabis law firm. She is the founder and director of the Oregon Cannabis PAC and the Oregon Cannabis Association, and is directly involved with the state’s policy discussion around implementation of medical and recreational cannabis. Previously Amy worked as a public defender, started her own practice in 2007 and in 2014 helped found a firm in Oregon focusing on cannabis representation.

Ari Markowitz

CTO – Native Roots Dispensary
Ari brings a wide range of experience in data to Native Roots, a chain of vertically integrated dispensaries/recreational marijuana stores in Colorado. His past experience includes developing the first centralized data visualization platform for Red Bull North America and serving as a consultant for Deloitte Israel within the company’s technology and innovation group.

Bob Morgan

Special Counsel – Much Shelist, P.C.
Bob was the first coordinator of the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program. In that capacity, he was responsible for developing and implementing a regulatory framework for the use of marijuana by eligible patients. He is currently special counsel at Much Shelist law firm, where he advises businesses and governments on regulatory issues surrounding medical and adult-use cannabis laws.

Ethan Nadelmann

Founder & Executive Director – Drug Policy Alliance
Described by Rolling Stone as "the point man" for drug policy reform efforts and “the real drug czar,” Ethan is widely regarded as a leading proponent of drug policy reform both in the United States and abroad. The Drug Policy Alliance promotes and lobbies for alternatives to the War on Drugs.

Noah Novello

Manager of Extractions – LivWell
Noah works on producing concentrates to supply 14 LivWell marijuana retail locations in Colorado as well as over 100 dispensaries in the state. In addition to a line of concentrates produced under the name Infusiasm, LivWell also produces all of the concentrates and edibles for Leafs by Snoop. Noah has worked in every stage of cannabis production, from cutting clones to packaging hash.

Lance Ott

Founder & CEO – Guardian Data Systems
Lance is a 16-year veteran of the cannabis, banking and financial services industries with additional expertise in FinTech, Enterprise Resource Planning, compliance and consulting. He is the former Director of National Bank of California and is also a Certified Payments Professional through the Electronic Transactions Association.

Emily Paxhia

Managing Director – Poseidon Asset Management
Emily and her brother founded Poseidon Asset Management in 2013 to invest exclusively in the cannabis industry. Since its launch, Poseidon has invested in over 30 marijuana-related companies across multiple verticals such as technology, data analytics, agtech, real estate, media, biotech, cultivation and industrial hemp processing. Emily previously served as a brand consultant and researcher for companies like Time Warner, Viacom and American Express.

Morgan Paxhia

Managing Director – Poseidon Asset Management
Morgan and his sister founded Poseidon Asset Management in 2013 to invest exclusively in the cannabis industry. Since inception, Poseidon has invested in over 30 marijuana-related companies across multiple verticals such as technology, data analytics, agtech, real estate, media, biotech, cultivation and industrial hemp processing. Morgan previously worked in asset management, starting his professional investment career with UBS Financials Services.

Hillary Peckham

COO – Etain
Hillary co-founded Etain LLC, the only women-owned business to receive one of the five competitive medical marijuana licenses in New York. Etain built an application and operations strategy founded on small-scale, deliverable plans with room to grow and a commitment to economic development, as well as quality of life for patients. The company opened its four dispensaries within five months of being awarded a license.

Derek Richards

Host – V2 Productions
Derek is an Opinion Analyst who has appeared on Comedy Central, LaughsTV on Fox and The Weather Channel. Currently he can be heard on SiriusXM Satellite radio and the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom Show.” Derek is also the host of the “Vegas Green Room” podcast.

Cy Scott

CEO – Headset
Cy co-founded Headset to bring data-driven market intelligence operational insights to the cannabis industry. Headset now works with marijuana retailers in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, California and Illinois. Previously, Cy co-founded Leafly in 2010, helping grow the site into a well-known cannabis information resource. He also founded a monthly Cannabis Tech Meetup hosting cannabis entrepreneurs and technology developers.

Sundie Seefried

President & CEO – Colorado Partner Credit Union
Sundie has been in the credit union industry since 1983 and has served as CEO of Colorado Partner Credit Union since 2001. She personally designed and implemented Safe Harbor Private Banking, a division of Colorado Partner Credit Union that provides banking services to marijuana companies. Safe Harbor banks a large market share of the Colorado cannabis industry that includes both licensed cannabis and ancillary businesses serving the industry, with $500+ million being deposited annually.

Tick Segerblom

State Senator – Nevada Legislature
Sen. Tick Segerblom was a key force behind Nevada's Medical Marijuana law, SB 374, adopted by the 2013 legislature. He is Co-chair of the campaign to pass Nevada's recreational marijuana initiative - Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol. Segerblom is a fourth generation Nevada legislator and served in the White House under former President Jimmy Carter. In his private practice, Segerblom represents employees and unions and has been recognized as one of Nevada's top employment lawyers since 1993.

Tim Shaw

COO – MariMed Advisors
Tim has been with MariMed Advisors, a national medical cannabis consulting firm that implements best practices and standardized procedures in state-licensed medical cannabis facilities, since it was founded in 2012. He is well-versed in horticultural and agricultural production through his work at cannabis cultivation facilities. Tim also founded a chain of hydroponic organic supply stores in 2011. Formerly, Tim served as a Communications Chief in the United States Army and later worked for Sprint/Nextel.

Ben Sillitoe

CEO & Co-founder – Oasis Medical Cannabis
Ben co-founded Oasis Medical Cannabis, a retail medical marijuana dispensary in 2014 when he and a group of entrepreneurs were granted three licenses in Nevada - one for a dispensary, one for a cultivation facility, and one for a marijuana production company. Previously he was the Corporate Finance Manager of a bank-owned mortgage company with over $40 million in annual revenue. Ben also owned and operated a residential mortgage brokerage and managed a multimillion dollar commercial loan portfolio.

Ryan G. Smith

CEO & Co-founder – LeafLink
After launching and selling two B2B companies in other industries, Ryan founded LeafLink in 2015 to create a platform for cannabis orders, sales and relationship management. He successfully raised $1 million in angel investments to fund the company’s start. LeafLink now works with over 250 retailers and infused products companies. Ryan was also named on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list for the enterprise technology sector.

Rachael Speegle

Director of Operations & Registered Nurse – The Verdes Foundation

Tyler Stratford

Operations Consultant – MJ Freeway
Tyler has over five years of experience in the cannabis industry, including in cultivation management and dispensary operations. He now assists clients with MJ Freeway business solutions and offers his expertise helping cannabis businesses through the licensing process, as well as application support and workflow analysis.

Chris Walsh

Editorial Director – Marijuana Business Daily
Chris has been quoted as one of America’s foremost cannabusiness experts by Dow Jones, Harvard Business Review, NPR, CNBC, the New York Times and many other media outlets. He served as founding editor for Marijuana Business Media during our launch in 2011 and now leads the entire editorial and research team here. Previously, he worked for nearly 15 years as a business reporter and editor at daily newspapers. He has an MBA from Regis University.

Matt Walstatter

Founder & CEO – Pure Green
Matt and his wife Meghan founded Pure Green – which operates a cannabis cultivation site and a dispensary in Oregon - in 2013. He has grown cannabis for more than 20 years. Matt has a law degree, writes for a number of publications and is also the Co-chair of the Oregon Cannabis PAC.

Nancy Whiteman

Co-founder & Co-owner – Wana Brands
Nancy oversees marketing and sales, leading a team that consistently grows Wana’s presence across Colorado, while expanding into emerging markets including Oregon and Nevada. She is responsible for strategic partnerships and licensing agreements domestically and internationally.

Shane Young

Founder – Natural Enemies