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Cultivation & Extraction: What’s the End Game?

While much of the current cannabis investment focus has been on the beginning of the supply chain, questions abound about the sustainability of investment growth in the segment. Will cannabis go the way of wine, with unique influences from the terroir, or wheat, just another agricultural commodity? You’ll gain insights on: Whether cultivators and extractors […]

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Processing & Manufacturing: Clearing the Confusion

The cannabis industry is flush with processors and manufacturers that aren’t able to differentiate themselves clearly for high-level investors. Those investors looking capitalize on this arena should consider leading innovators that are keeping abreast of how customers are consuming the product. You’ll gain insights on: Why consumption trends matter to long-term capital gains. Innovation: How […]

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Retail and White Label: Beyond Brands

Developing brands is important in the marijuana industry, but branding isn’t always the best bet for investors. A keen knowledge of marketing is vital for investors wandering down this path of the industry. You’ll gain insights on: Branding versus white label versus private label – each has a role and its own pros and cons […]

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