As cannabis goes mainstream, how will it impact your investment strategies?

The Investor Intelligence Symposium is gathering investors and analysts together in the heart of New York City to explore the opportunities and implications of cannabis investing as it continues to gain broader market acceptance.

Institutional, public, and private investors will benefit from this unbiased and realistic view of the risks, opportunities and nuances of the cannabis investing industry.

Who Should Attend

  • Members of investment firms who are currently investing in – or considering – the cannabis industry and are ready to learn more
  • Seasoned fund managers and institutional investors from New York City and surrounding areas who are seeking to understand how cannabis may impact existing portfolios
  • Current cannabis investors and family offices looking to update their portfolios with the latest market intelligence

What To Expect

Designed and curated by our team of financial analysts, this one-day event goes beyond the data to identify trends, understand the impact of legalization and explore topics critical to future investing strategies, including:

  • Long and short-term impact on mainstream portfolios
  • Avoiding common mistakes with an in-depth understanding of regulatory and compliance issues
  • Bull and bear perspectives on cannabis markets
  • Investment opportunities in national and international markets
  • Hemp: Identifying, understanding and taking advantage of the market’s potential
  • Conducting effective due diligence with solid evaluations and realistic projections

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