Maximizing Conference Sessions

Conferences are packed with expert programming that can help you improve your business. Follow these useful tips to get the most out of the sessions you attend.

Choose the Right Sessions
When choosing a session to attend, make sure it serves one of two purposes: is it immediately applicable to your current business needs, and/or does it allow you to personally connect with someone who is presenting? While a session that deals with something entertaining might be a good break in the middle of a busy day, that time could possibly be better spent networking.

Arrive Early
If a session is particularly important to you, get there early. Organizers have no control over whether or not a session fills up. Early arrival also gives you the opportunity to get prime seating. Don’t jeopardize your chance to learn what you need.

Take Good Notes
Be prepared to take notes at any point during a session. If you’re using a laptop, tablet or smartphone, make sure you have sufficient battery power (and that your sound is muted) since available power outlets can quickly be claimed. Remember: your notes are only useful if you know where to find them AND know what you meant when you wrote them.

Debrief Each Day
At the end of each day, take the time to review what you’ve learned in the sessions you’ve attended. Do it while the information is still fresh in your mind. Waiting until you’re home or back in the office a few days after the show has ended is a mistake – you need to use that time to catch up (and follow up with your new connections).


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