5 Key Lessons That Big Brands Can Teach the Cannabis Industry

Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma all are moving into the cannabis industry. The entry of large, well-known brands makes it imperative for marijuana businesses to bolster their own brands – or risk succumbing to much larger, deep-pocketed rivals. To succeed, marijuana companies must develop a consistent brand image that connects with their customer base. A successful brand also must differentiate a company from competitors. Learn valuable tips and insights from a branding guru who has worked with Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Bacardi and other household names.

You’ll get insights on:

  • Building a relevant, disruptive and compelling brand experience.
  • Sending a consistent brand message through social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook as well as industry channels including B2B conferences and publications.
  • Capitalizing on your branding investment to increase market share and profit margins.
  • Expand your brand portfolio with innovative products that remain true to your original principles.
  • Plan your exit strategy and position your company to be acquired by a much larger brand.