What’s Up With Hemp in 2018?

Do you have what it takes to be a hemporer?

No sector of the cannabis market is hotter right now than hemp – for good reason. Marijuana’s nonintoxicating cousin comes with a fraction of the taxes and red tape faced by marijuana entrepreneurs, and market opportunities abound. Hemp is in grocery stores. Gas stations. Spas. Gyms. Even your neighborhood pet groomer might be selling a hemp product.

But the hemp sector is changing more quickly than the marijuana sector. That rate of growth is an important part of why Marijuana Business Daily continues to add resources about the hemp and CBD markets with our sister publication, Hemp Industry Daily.

Hemp Industry Daily is focused on delivering what you need to know to thrive in the early – and still unpredictable – hemp markets and to take your ventures to the next level.

Anyone operating in hemp industries has a lot to look forward to in the near future, starting with the industry’s first Annual Hemp & CBD Factbook launching in October 2018, and plenty of opportunities to connect with business-minded professionals at all stages of the hemp business.

Get a preview of our new hemp and CBD resources:

NEW! Hemp and CBD 2018 Factbook

This report contains state-by-state breakdowns on the hemp landscape and never-before-seen insights from people growing, processing and selling hemp. This is your guide to the size of the CBD market and an essential companion to making strong business plans in a quickly changing market. Learn more >>

Business of Hemp Forum at MJBizCon 2018

At the Business of Hemp Forum, you’ll get the insider insight you need to navigate the hemp sectors. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for making money on your first hemp crop.
  • Legal strategies you’ll need to avoid government intrusion.
  • Investing opportunities to help you capitalize on the hemp boom without growing or processing it yourself.
  • Not-yet-released market information on CBD consumers and how to sell to them.

Use our free MJBizCon app to flag these Business of Hemp sessions to get essential answers about thriving in the hemp industry:

State of the Hemp Industry: Data, Trends & Market Estimates

This session gives you all the basics about the hemp industry in a tight 30 minutes. From the size of the U.S. hemp crop, to how much farmers and processors can make from hemp, to exclusive analysis of the true size of the CBD market, this overview will give you all the tools you’ll need to start your hemp venture or take your existing hemp business to the next level. See the full session description >>

Shawn HauserNetworking tip: Not sure how the changing federal rules about hemp affect your business? You’ll have access to one of the nation’s top hemp legal minds, Denver-based Shawn Hauser, who helps hemp companies thrive amid topsy-turvy regulations as head of the Hemp and Cannabinoids Practice Group at Vicente Sederberg law firm.


Tapping the CBD Market

Everyone’s racing to capitalize on CBD, the cannabinoid that offers a tantalizing array of health benefits with no intoxication. Oddly, few understand who is buying CBD, what those consumers are looking for from the products they’re buying, and how tobacco substitution affects the future of the CBD market. Analyst Bethany Gomez has those answers, and she’ll share months of research to help you gauge opportunities in the CBD game. See the full session description >>

Avnish PandyaNetworking tip: The hemp boom isn’t limited to the United States, and no one knows the global landscape for hemp opportunities quite like Avnish Pandya, who heads the medicine business at Bombay Hemp Co. (BOHECO), India’s first industrial and medical hemp company. A former international consultant for Deloitte, Avnish is happy to share what he’s learned about introducing this commodity to a huge new economy.


Investing in Hemp

Don’t want to grow hemp? You can still capitalize on the hemp boom heading into 2019. The key will be how to anticipate oversaturation as more and more hemp entrepreneurs flood the market. You’ll also need to prepare for consolidation as the market matures over time. In this session, you’ll get exclusive insight into investing in hemp without getting burned. See the full session description >>

Will TarletonNetworking tip: Think the hemp boom is limited to states friendly to marijuana? Hardly. Don’t miss your chance meet Will Tarleton, founder of Tennessee Grown, for insights on profiting from hemp in places hostile to other types of cannabis. He knows what it takes to steer clear of marijuana hysteria and make money from a plant that has much more to offer than a short-term high.


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