Why Cannabis Is Poised for Another Big Year

Cannabis Policy Reform

The cannabis industry grew substantially and the marijuana policy reform movement continued to gain steam in 2018. Any doubts about whether they have gone mainstream were eliminated, as traditionally conservative states like Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah approved medical cannabis initiatives by solid margins. Momentum is building steadily heading into 2019, which could be another banner […]

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Lessons Learned: What Legalization Has Taught Us

Legalization Lessons Learned

While much of the attention this year has been on states like Massachusetts, which are working on implementing a ballot initiative that passed in 2016, there have also been a lot of changes in longer-standing markets like Colorado and Oregon. As a result of the developments throughout 2018, the cannabis policy reform movement and the […]

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How Science and Research Affect Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Could this approach to acknowledging scientific research institute how recreational marijuana is regarded worldwide? Does cannabis represent a turning point for the pharmaceutical industry?   Will THC and CBD products redefine how we approach and treat disease?   When will the scientific community find meaningful benefits that debunk the international classification of cannabis as a […]

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